Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I woke up this morning to an angry (and funny!) email from my little sister who’s now 14 years of age.

 Masarra Mohammed
10:25 AM (7 hours ago)
 to me

I saw it when I woke up, it was around 1 p.m. in the afternoon. Me being me, I lost track of the time the night before reading, catching up with the family, etc. Little did I know, it was 4 in the morning. All I remember is that last thing I did was emailing her. Emails have been our only mean of communication since she was grounded and her iPod was taken away early January.

I miss her so much every single day. I love her more each day, it's SO weird. I don't think I would ever love anyone this much.

I remember the day she was born. I was about 12 years old, I was at the small neighborhood garden playing with my 2 younger sisters and a close friend of us when my brother appeared from the backyard gate yelling “It’s a girl! My mom gave birth to a baby girl! Hurry!”. We ran to the house as if we were going to see her right in front of our eyes the moment we get home (which, of course, wasn't the case). I could barely catch a breath, that's how excited I was. She was the most precious baby I've ever laid my eyes on. 

When she was months old, she started to sleep in my room. I would tell her bedtime stories based on the things she’d done throughout the day. She grew up to the stories I made up for her amusement. Some of them, again, were based on real events and others were fictitious stories that came out of my imagination.

“Today honey, I’m going to tell you the story of a random, oh very random girl who hid her dad’s car keys in her tiny little bed thinking it was funny. It was not.” And she would laugh her head off through the story and urge me to keep going, curious to know my take on the story, her story.

She grew up really smart. She impressed our relatives and our household's guests. I remember I had a cousin who was mid way though her pregnancy, she once told my mom, “If I’m ever having a baby girl, I wish she would turn out to be like Masarra.” My mom thanked her for being nice while I’m watching. I knew she wasn't being nice. ;)

She was so bold, too. It was hilarious and embarrassing. I recall her telling my cousin's fiancé that he has a long nose, and that he's got to do something about it. xD

For you my super duper Masarra, 
I will always love you to no end! I will always look at you thinking of you, the tiny baby I first saw with mom 14 years back.. 

Here's a video of her when she was in KG. It's my favorite of her! I keep playing it whenever I go through my FB profile..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hey y'all! I'm just writing to let you guys that I really appreciate your comments.
So please please leave comments and let me know that you are reading and if you reading. I'm not a fan of one-way communications.

Please? :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

تعال فككها ١١

عودة لهذه السلسلة بعد غياب اكثر من سنة!

لمن لم يقرأ التدوينات السابقة في هذه السلسلة : هي باختصار أفكار سريعة تمر في خاطري أجمعها وأنشرها دفعة واحدة
تعال فككها 1 و 2 و 3 و 4 و 5 و6 و 7 و8 و 9 و10

بسم الله نبدأ

تعرف ان مستوى الوعي عندك زايد لما يصير رأي الناس فيك اخر اهتمامك!

"الناس اختلفوا في الله تعالى، كيف تريدهم ان يتفقوا عليك؟" ~ طارق السويدان

الصحفي أمامه خيارين: اما ان ينقل الخبر بتعليق محايد خلوق او يعلق بتعليق وتفسير خرندعي ماله علاقة بالموضوع بس يحس انه لقطة، وهذه هي صحافة "الكليشيهات" كلها.
ملاحظة: ترا "كليشيهات" متعوب عليها. شكرا :)

أنا نسخة مني افتش في المدى لعلي اهتدي...للنسخة الأصلية ~ جاسم الصحيح
لا أعلم اذا كان جاسم الصحيح مستوعب المعاني الخفية وراء ما كتب، أم هي مجرد ضربة حظ؟ في كل حال هذا الشاعر داهية، وصدق من سماه "متنبي" العصر..

انت..نعم انت...احترم فيك قيمتك! "قيمة المرء فيما يحسن"

من اعظم التحديات التي أواجهها حاليا هي التعامل مع المثليين في محيط الدراسة بشكل طبيعي. في الحقيقة، أواجه تحدي في التعامل مع انتكاس الفطرة بشكل عام. مثال: في يوم من الايام وبعد قضاء يوم طوييل جدا في المكتبة قررت زميلة لي ان تذهب الى قاعة سينما صغيرة في مبنى اتحاد الطلبة في الجامعة تٌعرض فيه افلام قديمة نسبيا مجانا لطلبة الجامعة. طلبت مني ان أشاركها ورحبت بالفكرة من باب التغيير. فكرة الفلم كانت عن احداث النهاية "نهاية الدنيا" والفلم كوميدي "لا تسألوني كيف؟". يسقط رأس صديق البطل امامه وغيرها من المشاهد المقرفة التي تنسف الفطرة السليمة نسفا، ويضحك الجمهور! خرجت خلال ثلث ساعة أو ربما أقل بينما القاعة تضج بالضحك الهيستيري....انا.مش.فاهمة!!! فهموني؟

قال احدهم "النصيب يُعمي ليُصيب..والحب كذلك، وكلاهما أعمى" هل العمى مصير لا حياد عنه؟!

I can't change the world, so I'm changing myself
من أذكى ما قرأت :)


هذا ما كتبته أم عمانية لابنها بعد تعلمها في أحر مراكز محو الأمية في السلطنة "نقلا عن تويتر"

في امان الله :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I honor your path..

"I honor your path, it's yours alone to walk"
Everyone lives a different life, everyone is entitled to their choices and those choices should be respected. Walk a mile in my shoes and your feet will hurt. This is how it works..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A small change in the blog!

Just wanted to let y'all know I added new tabs on beneath the header: Arabic and English. My Arabic blog posts will be updated there automatically and so are my English blog posts.

Many friends/readers have been asking me to separate them for easy access. So there you go! And thanks for the suggestion/feedback.

I apologies for not updating this space quite often (I never did that before anyways). I'm thinking of starting a specialized blog during Sprint break specially that I'm not going anywhere (mostly!). I heard a great mentor of mine say, "if you want to excel at something teach it or write about it." That's my plan right there.

Much love,
~ Salima