Friday, November 21, 2008

An amazing day at work

Dear me,

Wednesday, the 19th of November was an extraordinary day at work. We had 2 business visits, the first one was to a museum owned by the owner and founder of the company and the second visit was to a hotel under the group I'm working for.

The museum visit:
It went well, the place was so organized and the collections they have are really amazing. There were lots of swords, weapons, guns, clothes, old home furniture pieces, art crafts and photographs.

The hotel visit:
1. We were received at the hotel reception by the senior staff; GMs and senior supervisors in the hotel.
2. We had a tour in the various wings and rooms of the hotel.
3. We were invited by the HR manager to have lunch in a classy restaurant within the hotel.

After the lunch, the HR manager said that the lunch we had wasn't for free and that the coming two activities they're preparing for us will burn all food inside our tummies. I personally thought she was kidding or just overrating things…
Outside the restaurant, we had a standing meeting for 10 minutes to introduce the coming activities we're going to have…

"The coming activity needs a serious physical effort from you guys, we asked you to wear a casual or kinda sporty outfit 'cause you really have to work hard and use all your energy in it" the HR manager said.
"As you all know, our hotel is a real big hotel and we receive ~500 guests everyday in this restaurant. We have to make sure the disposal and garbage is being managed wisely in order to avoid harming the environment" she added.

At that point we got seriously SHOCKED; some went like "WHAT THE HECK" while the rest regret having the lunch in the first place! :p

So we were taken to the garbage containers area, and we were asked to split the garbage from the big containers into the recycling bins "paper, glass, aluminum, dry garbage and wet garbage bins". After that we were supposed to wash the ground of that area and make sure the place is clean and hygienic.

I had never imagined myself doing something like that. It wasn't funny at all and I was actually about to faint and vomit since we started working. 45 minutes passed like 45 years…I can honestly say that I so don't wanna go there again xD

Anyways, that was the first activity. We had a 10 minutes break for prayers and refreshments.

The second task was for another 45 minutes and damn! It was in the laundry section. We were asked to open 50 laundry bags and split their components into different huge containers for pillow sheets, bed sheets, floor mats, towels, shower robes and dining napkins.

So yeah, they weren't an easy activities and till this day I have my muscles hurting me very bad. I will never forget this day and whenever I face any kind of difficulty in my career I'd always remember that I was under a worst situation before and whatever else is a piece of cake and totally NOTHING ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008


رحلتي في عالم الظلمات والصمت الرهيب
رحلتي في موكب الأشباح تبدو وتغيب

في سراديب الأساطي ودقات القلوب
في شرايين الدجى الداجي وصوت العندليب

في دماء الكون ...في الأنواء... في السحر العجيب

رحلتي وحدي غريبا
بين الاف الدروب

ماض إلى أين؟
لا أدري...وبي ندم
إلى المسير وطول السير يضنيني

أين المقر وروح الدهر تطردني
أين المفر وروح الأرض تنفيني

السؤم يمضغني
والموت يلفغني
والوجد يزرعني
والوهم يجنيني

رحلتي وحدي غريبا بين الاف الدروب

أرتدي الخوف
أعب الدمع..أجتر النحيب
مؤنسي ربي هو النبراس عندي والحبيب
رحلتي موت!
وبعض الموت أنس للغريب

رحلتي وحدي غريبا بين الاف الدروب




Thursday, November 6, 2008

nwod edispu - upside down


Says who everything should be in order?

wear your socks over your head, wear your sun shades at night, why not having a breakfast for dinner..oh wait why don't you take a shower in the kitchen? :D

Change the order of your bedroom, sleep on the blanket and cover yourself with your mattress xD...Start seeing familiar things in unfamiliar way..No one is gonna hit you or punish you for breaking the rules. Go NWOD EDISPU (UPSIDE DOWN)!

Dear me,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A hot week passed

Dear Me,

This week has gone by so fast, it's amazing to realize the importance of every single day off after a 5-months break! Priceless feeling…

I think what happened during the last week were some unforgettable events in the history of humanity as well as my personal history :p.

Overview of the week:
1. Saturday: Started my new job
2. Wednesday: Barack Obama won historic election history and became as the first African-American president of the United States.! Whohoo! A movement in the history.

Text messages of the week:
"Go Faith, you're a working person! You're all grown up girl"
"Obama issued his first policy to replace Cerials with Mendazi in the American breakfast meal!"

I'll be back to block about my reflection on both events very soon, till that time stay as cool and calm as you are, me.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Story of a little girl who used to be me!

Once upon a time, I was a little girl…

I thought that everyone has a certain number of words in his life, if he completes his balance, he won't be able to speak no more…

Do not ask me where I got this idea from or how it came to my mind…

At that time, the severity of its impact on myself forced me to fast from talking… 'Cause the more I talk, the more words I lose from my balance, and I'm certainly going to need this balance when I grow up more than I do need it now..

I decided to be smarter than everyone and speak less…
But couldn't help with the hundreds of words stuck unsaid inside my throat…
Held them inside and started writing them down …
And there came the day I realized all what I believed in was not any true…
And I still hate that fact

Now imagine, dear me, if we really have that certain number of words…
There won't be any backbiters…
And our life would be much-much better…

Monday, October 20, 2008

بدون سبب

الساعة 1:07 صباحا بتوقيت مسقط

من الصعب على كل الأمور بأن تكون واضحة, وليس بالضرورة أن يكون لكل شيء سبب.
رفعت الجهاز إلى سريري وأنا اراقب الساعة وهي تشير الي الواحده صباحا وبدأت اكتب بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..
الهدوء يعم أركان الغرفة وأفكار جنونية تعصف برأسي وتشعرني بسعادة غامرة ونشاط مفاجئ بلا سبب وبدون وضوح!
قد يكون ما اكتبه لكم اعزائي كلام بلا مغزى..كالفلسفة
وهنا اذكر مقولة ذكرها الشيخ محمد العوضي في تعريف الفلسفة "هو أن تقول كلام لا يفهم لناس لا يفهمون"
والعتب على نظام النوم المختل الذي أرجي اختلاله إلى تأثري الحاد مؤخرا بنظام التوقيت في الجمهورية الروسية الإتحاديه, فصار نهاري ليل وليلي نهار..ورغم أكوام الأعمال الملقاة على عاتقي من قبل الأهل والمشاغل الكثيرة التي تنتظر انجازها..أجدني في حالة من برود الأعصاب والمشاعر هكذا بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..
خاطرة أخيرة أود أن أكتبها قبل أن اتهم بالجنون الجزئي..
كم هو غريب أن يقابل عملك الطيب ونيتك الصافية ومحبتك للناس بعدم الاحترام والنكران..وأحيانا العقوق!
عالم غريب تدهشني غربته وترسم في وجهي ابتسامة شامته بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The bird left its nest...

Dear me,

Yesterday was an emotional day after a very busy week.
I won't say much so that no one would accuse me of over-doing it or getting over-emotional, anyhow, here are some of what has been written by my brotehr's best friends which brought tears into my eyes:

- "we going to miss u ****............i cant stop my tears" - cousin

- "I never thought this day will actually come.. :'(
I'm deeply sad & happy at the same time cuz ur living ur dream =)
I'm going to miss u, the house will be dull without u.. our outings will miss the special taste that u've always added.. =(

luv u bro =(

ur the best =)" - sister

And here what I'm going to say:
The much I feel really sad for your absence the much I really feel so happy for you 'cause you made your dream true, and 'cause you worked so hard to achieve your goal.
I'm so proud of you and just wanted to show you how much you are gonna be missed and how many people are waiting for you and wishing you always-always the best of luck.

May god bless you bro.

Faith :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Translated poem..

Live your life fully, the sweet and the bitter,

And who knows? A new darling might come along

Someone who would treat your sores

So your joy comes back

And you forget old love and me

And move outside the circle of my grief

By: Prince. Bader Abdelmohsin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two hours break!

Dear me,

So it has been a while since I last posted a new blog. They have been so busy two weeks and I was totally thrown into so much obligations and commitments every now and then...

Here I come and at last I spent a good two hours all alone in my room sorting things out and re-organizing my fragmented thoughts...The two hours resulted into a one-page report that I'm sending to a weekly magazine in Oman and one humble poem that I'll share with you later, me..

Later on, I held a book and started reading few pages till I reached a boring part and I can't really remember what happened then...I fell asleep! I was almost dying of lack of sleep the last two weeks and here I found myself falling asleep very easily, thankfully!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to the world, little Sara!

Welcome to the world of...

- Not knowing what the hell is going on.
- Dreaming a lot and being shocked to know how not so easy the mission is.
- Black hearts unlike your tiny clear heart.
- Endless wars despite the fact that your going to see the word 'peace' wherever you look.

But I'm sure you're going to be alright and I'm counting on you, little bundle of joy :).

May god bless you..

Faith "oh well, faith is your auntie"

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear me,

Today is the 17th of Ramadan!
Almost 11 days only left from Ramadan, ain't that crazy!

Time to get ready for Taraweeh prayer..

Sunday, September 14, 2008


لست شيخا..
لست عالما..
لست مفتيا..
انما طالب علم..
وما هي إلا...
خواطر شاب

I'm not a shiekh..
Nor a scholar..
Not even a Muftee..
But I'm a student (Knowledge seeker) ..
And these are only a young man's thoughts

Ahmed Al Shugairi

Dear me,

The fourth season of the successful ten-minute program that presents a daily 'thoughts' is now aired during Ramadan. The show's episodes are highlighting and promoting public awareness about the values of Islam, proper manners and high morals among youngsters especially and the whole society generally ..

The host of this show, Ahmed Al Shugairi, the famous young Saudi host, has prepared the whole program, in addition to his role in hosting the 30 episodes in this season.
What's interesting in this year is the campaign, Feena Khair (Goodness in Us) is the brainchild of Ahmed Al Shugairi himself...


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramadan Thoughts

I got a nice SMS from a new friend of mine and thought of sharing it with you, me :).

My thoughts during this Ramadani evening:
"Don't attach your happiness with people, 'cause once they're gone, the happiness will follow. Instead, attach it and combain it with Allah, by this you will ensure happiness for eternity.

Thanks my Balqiss! You're awesome girl :).


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too lost...

I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more
I lay dying
And I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal
I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
Am I too lost
To be saved?
Am I too lost?

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation

Dear me,

That's what I actually feel..Am I too lost to get back on track?
Hope I can feel better tomorrow, hopefully!

I'm extremely busy these days teaching my younger brother and preparing for tomorrow's job interview...Wish me good luck dear.

Yours always,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan Kareem!

Dear me,

Another year gone by so fast and Ramadan has started today in Oman. The moos hasn't been sighted the night before and so we didn't start fasting with the other gulf countries.

May Allah make it easy for us to fast and to follow the right path and shower Rahma (mercy) upon all Muslims. Ameen. :)

Wishing you a happy and blessing Ramadan.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to school!

Dear me,

So there you go, students are back to school! For the first time since 1992, you're not going to school. The summer is officially over now, almost 3 months of fun all gone. Its amazing how quickly they have gone and my siblings are now back into the routines of school & college life again.

On this special occasion, I thought of going back in time, to September 1992 to be specific.
Ready for the surprise?? Okaay....


Yes, it's your kindergarten dress, me :)!
What a cute dress for that important rite of passage...Isn't it just cute? One of my fondest memories from my childhood was going shopping with my mom to pick out the dress for my first day of school. We made it into a yearly ritual and I always looked forward to wearing it.

Hope you liked the surprise.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning Muscat!

Dear me,

I just woke up and thought of posting something to you before I start my day.

(2 new messages)
Message 1. Good morning, my brother is accepted to Oman Medical College. (Cousin)
Message 2. Open the front door! I've been waiting for ages now! Why don't you answer the phone? (My brother)

Oh well, some good news and some "angry" news, other than that nothing special happened while I was asleep. So yeah I'm fine and I'm missing you, me!

Good Morning Muscat! :D


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happiness; The image and the truth.

Dear me,

Don't be fooled by the bright image of fake happiness. So many people you know have been fooled by all the money & the fame they have. Poor them! People think they are happy, but it's not always the case.

Here's my own theory about happiness. In my humble theory, happiness has two sides; the image side and the truth side. What you can see in a person might be the same as what's inside him and sometimes it's totally different than what's hidden deep inside him.

According to my theory, this is the best case of happiness considering all the social and materialistic measurements in assessing both sides of happiness:

The image: good family name, fancy cars, spacious house, properties, decent social position, good career, stuffed belly, good health, wealth & power...
The truth: clear mind and heart, conviction, loving and merciful heart, strong faith, patient soul, emotional balance...

So people basically will fall under 4 types:
1- Good image side, good truth side
2- Bad image side, good truth side.
3- Good image side, bad truth side.
4- Bad image side, bad truth side. "And that's the worst type ever!"

Hope it wasn't a boring-philosophical-post.

Yours always,
Happy me :).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wesal, the media group.

Dear me,

I've witnessed the progress of this Kuwaiti NGO since their first show in the public, 6 years ago. Wesal Media Group chose the media as a method and a way to transmit their message in directing theater plays, media & artwork. Their ambition is to present a media of a value and strong message to the whole universe, and not only within the borders of Kuwait.

Wesal group is composed of 50 young female Kuwaitis who have media tendencies and some technical information, and they present work of an Islamic framework and content.

Here are some of their achievements in the theatrical field,

"And I took my revenge.."

It was presented in Arabic and it basically focused of the issue of Palestine.

"My feeling of missing!"

Addressed the issue of Kuwaiti prisoners and the it was represented in the local accent.

"But, it's a life trip!"

This play's objective was to offer solutions for people's everyday life through the story of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

I recently knew that they inaugurated their own website on the net and they're in the progress to participate with their outstanding works in some coming big media festivals and events outside Kuwait.

I'm so proud of this group and we all should be proud of them. I'm fully confident that they have the ability to make a difference with their dazzling and clear mentalities. Thumbs up girls and wishing you always-always the best luck! :)

Wesal's achievements - video
Wesal's official website

Yours always,
Me - Faith

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Memory of Forgetfulness"

Dear Me,

Hope your doing well. I know all what you have been through lately and I'm really-really sorry to share some sad news with you.
Your favorite poet has passed away after heart surgery! May he rest in peace :(.
Do you think the problem was really his physical heart? Or was it a problem with what was inside his heart?

Till this moment, I can recall every word he wrote, every word in Marcel Khalifa's songs...All poems Suha Bishara was writing on the prison's wall by Mahmoud Darwish! :(

And history makes fun of its victims
And its heroes
Takes a look at them and passes by
This sea is mine
This moist air is mine
And my name-
Even if I spell it wrong on the coffin –
Is mine
As for me,
Now that I am filled with all the possible
Reasons for departure –
I am not mine.
I am not mine
I am not mine
Yours always,

Monday, August 4, 2008

In Hamburg

Dear Me,
Mercy! Isn't Hamburg big? Muscat is nothing to it. Are you now staying in a similar confusion? I don't believe that I shall recover for months from the puzzling effect of two days of it. I can't begin to tell you all amazing things I've seen; I suppose you already know, though, since you been to Europe yourself many times "I'm not sure though if they're really many times".
The streets are entertaining and the people and the shops! It makes you devote your life to wearing clothes.
I can't imagine any joy in life greater than walking for distances raising your head high without having first to consider how weird you would look by walking alone at any time in the day or in the night.
Today I've met the kindest person in the world, a 26 young Turkish girl. She's studying at the university I visited today. She's married to a muslim German guy and they make a cute couple.
That's another joy of life that really makes me love the world I'm living in, meeting such good people. I don't know how to describe my new friends, Maryam; angel? Decent? Innocent? Real muslim?
Maryam was getting quite interested in me, because I say such funny things that she's not familiar to hear in English – Turkish is her first language then comes German- though I tried not to, but they do pop out when I'm surprised and I'm surprised most of the time for anything and everything.
I forgot to tell you that I kept on thinking about you the whole day. Hope you are having fun too. I know you deserve to have fun.
PS. Around 300 words! I'm going to stop.
Yours always,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A short journal for you, me!

Dear Me,

I've just a moment, because I must be ready in less than 10 minutes. I must get dressed up, have a quick break fast and prepare for today's speech in Hamburg University and after that catch the train to the university – but I couldn't go without sending a word to let you know how much I appreciate that message. I wasn't sure if my mobile is still working, I could only get text messages but unfortunately I'm not able to send any of them.

I left my friends some offline message in MSN, hope they get it and hope they're fine and they came back home very safe and well. I missed talking to them.

PS. I bought 2 copies of a precious book yesterday. :)

Yours with respect,


In Frankfurt

Dear Me,

My window looks out on the loveliest view: river, forest and rocks!

It's the first day for the delegate in Frankfort. I always wished if you’re here! You'd love the view the same way I do.

I love the nature, it makes me feel high and love the life and love the people who make life lovable place to live!

I feel like owning the word and dedicating it to all people I love.

Do you think I'm becoming a better person in this life?

I believe absolutely in my own free will and my own power to accomplish-and that's the belief that moves mountains. You watch me becoming a great person. I have four chapters of my life passed; god only knows how many are remaining. The only thing I know for sure that people like you will be unforgettable chapters in my life that they are the only people I’d always wish to live for and look up to.




Dear Me,

So you see, Dear Me, I was already thrown into work and busy with loads of works and assignments the entire semester with my eyes patiently set against temptation or any external attractions. And I got my results few minutes ago before I left the hotel. And it's not as great as I expected but that was the result of being ethical and avoiding some teachers' bad tries. I can't say anything more. I can bet that I understood and worked as much as any straight A students and maybe more…

I'm not so happy though it might sound quite well, doesn't it, Dear Me?!

But I don't want you to think that I'm a loser or that I'm not good at anything. The feeling often comes over me that I'm not all remarkable; it's fun to plan a career, but in all probability, I shall not turn out a bit different from any other ordinary person. I may end up staying at home and being an inspiration to my generation and to the new generation. Let's see what's hidden for me the coming days…

PS. Why can't I find anyone who really appreciates my clear mind?

PS2. I'm not pessimistic, life is not fair!

Yours ever,