Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Years Already?

. August 2008 - Auguat 2010
In August 2008, I came up with the idea of creating this blog. I was unknown, I completed 2 months, if not more, with zero readers (apart from myself, my best friend and my younger sister). It was during a critical time of my life where I was done with my studies and in job-hunting phase. I talked about many stuff, poured out all my thoughts, my sad moments and the happy ones in this place. I got so attached to the place, god knows why, although nobody else was reading me. But it was just too special and precious to me that I would keep on checking it all day long. In a later stage, some people started reading and following this spot, it’s been very fun to write and inter­act with every­one who reads my stuff (thanks, by the way).

Then I decided to create a new blog using the same profile to pull together all the Arabic stuff I used to share on my MSN Space and that was Faith’s World beginning. However, some members suggested that I combine the two blogs, and I started tagging all my Arabic posts under بالعربي label.

Am I happy? Not totally. I think I need to get some serious job done down here.

. The Art Of Doing Nothing At All
I’m out of ideas, out of stuff to share. I’m just trying to have a pace of mind, and do nothing at all. Doing some self-analysis wouldn’t harm though. I want to really dig deep into my head and see where I really am with life, just think­ing about every­thing that I have done or haven’t done for the goals and plans I've set for myself.

Would I sur­prise you in telling you that you should be tak­ing time to sit around and do absolutely noth­ing? It may sound crazy, believe me. I have been always motivating myself to work hard in life and to never rely on anyone else, and a lot of what I talk about in my daily life and with my friends may just go against a lot I talked about here today. It just proves two things: 1) I can’t get my ideas straight and 2) I can be full of contradictions. :)

. Studying?!
I’ve spent almost two years away from the studying atmosphere, and I now am back & have slightly started preparing for an upcoming exam. (I have been doing lots of reading the past two years though, does that count as studying?)

. Frustrated?
Well, let off some steam ;)

Till Next Time ~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

خربطة ثمنها عقلك

هذا المنظر يبدو مألوفا لدي أشعر بأنه حدث في زمن سابق من حياتي..أو ربما أنا أتخيل...ولكنني رأيت هذا الوجه من قبل, أنا لا أتخيل..

أشحت بنظري عنها بعد أن أحسست بأنها لاحظت تحديقي عليها في الخمس دقائق الأخيرة. دفعت بعربتي أمام المحاسب في ال"سوبرماركت"...ودفت معها كل الأفكار العشوائية وركزت تفكيري على خطة العشاء..

أختي الاصغر تركض إلى ناحيتي "عصير الطفولة...شوفي...والله أغرب عصيرشفته بحياتي: "يقنعون الأطفال مكرا انهم يشربون كولا صحي" وشاركتها في ضحكها العفوي ..تذوبني ضحكتها..
أدفع بعربتي مرة أخرى في قمة النشوة وكأنني حصلت على غنائم لا مجرد مواد غذائية...وما زالت نظراتها تلحقني.."أكيد مشبهة" أؤكد لأختي التي هي الأخرى لاحظت نظراتها الفضولية..
أدخل مفتاحي في الفتحة السحرية يطربني صوت المحرك أظل أفكر بشمعة الاحتراق في إحدى دروس الفيزياء وعملية بدأ عمل المحرك...أبدأ بإخراج السيارة من "الموقف" ويشد انتباهي رقم لوحة السيارة التي كنت أقف بجانبها 4553 أبتسم وألتفت إلى اختي..."لو زادوا على الرقم 447 لكان الرقم أفضل"...وترد علي بعد ان تبتسم وهي تحرك رأسها استغرابا "لو شالوا 553 لكان رقم أفضل بكثير..لم التعقيد!" ... ابتسم بصمت وانهي الحديث ولكن الحسابات ما زالت جارية في رأسي في كل لوحات السيارات المجاورة... لو كانت الأرقام انسانا لصاحبته...

أدخل في غرفتي أغلق المصابيح وباب الغرفة وألقي بالمفاتيح في الطاولة الجانبية وأرمي بجسدي ورأسي بعد بداية هجوم صداع حاد في طرفي رأسي وحول عيني...النوبة ستستمر 24 ساعة او أقل في أحسن الأحوال مع أخذ الحبوب مرة خلال كل أربع ساعات والتي تتحول في معظم الأحاول ساعتين...أتذكر ما قاله دكتور الأعصاب عندما سألته عن المده التي سأستمر فيها بأخذ حبوب مقاومة الاكتئاب التي من شأنها التخفيف من آلام صداع الشقيقة على
المدى البعيد "50 سنة ضوئية إذا الله أحيانا"
تستمر الأفكار رغم الداء "الصداع" والأعداء "الأدوية" ...خربطة ثمنها رأسي...وعقلي

Sunday, July 11, 2010

[Movie Review] Children of Heaven

بچه های آسمان - Children of Heaven
Iran - 71st Academy Awards - Best Foreign Movie Nominee [1999]

~ In a poor neighborhood in Tehran, a little boy called Ali left the shoes of his sister Zahra near a store, but when he returned they are gone. Ali and Zahra thus decide not to tell anything to their parents since they are a very poor family and thus conceive and plan: she will wear his shoes during school in the morning and he will have them during school in the afternoon.

~ This movie is so purely humane, and it's something that stands out so much that it almost becomes relevant for it's quality. It felt like am there watching the heroes, tearing out when they cry, smiling at their innocence. I so much admired every single bit of the movie.
~ My rating: 9/10. I would have given it a 10 but I didn't like the ending much, and am not going to share how was the ending like so that I don't spoil the movie for you dear reader.

I still can't get over it; simply a must watch!

~ The official trailer:

Till next time :D