Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Story of a little girl who used to be me!

Once upon a time, I was a little girl…

I thought that everyone has a certain number of words in his life, if he completes his balance, he won't be able to speak no more…

Do not ask me where I got this idea from or how it came to my mind…

At that time, the severity of its impact on myself forced me to fast from talking… 'Cause the more I talk, the more words I lose from my balance, and I'm certainly going to need this balance when I grow up more than I do need it now..

I decided to be smarter than everyone and speak less…
But couldn't help with the hundreds of words stuck unsaid inside my throat…
Held them inside and started writing them down …
And there came the day I realized all what I believed in was not any true…
And I still hate that fact

Now imagine, dear me, if we really have that certain number of words…
There won't be any backbiters…
And our life would be much-much better…

Monday, October 20, 2008

بدون سبب

الساعة 1:07 صباحا بتوقيت مسقط

من الصعب على كل الأمور بأن تكون واضحة, وليس بالضرورة أن يكون لكل شيء سبب.
رفعت الجهاز إلى سريري وأنا اراقب الساعة وهي تشير الي الواحده صباحا وبدأت اكتب بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..
الهدوء يعم أركان الغرفة وأفكار جنونية تعصف برأسي وتشعرني بسعادة غامرة ونشاط مفاجئ بلا سبب وبدون وضوح!
قد يكون ما اكتبه لكم اعزائي كلام بلا مغزى..كالفلسفة
وهنا اذكر مقولة ذكرها الشيخ محمد العوضي في تعريف الفلسفة "هو أن تقول كلام لا يفهم لناس لا يفهمون"
والعتب على نظام النوم المختل الذي أرجي اختلاله إلى تأثري الحاد مؤخرا بنظام التوقيت في الجمهورية الروسية الإتحاديه, فصار نهاري ليل وليلي نهار..ورغم أكوام الأعمال الملقاة على عاتقي من قبل الأهل والمشاغل الكثيرة التي تنتظر انجازها..أجدني في حالة من برود الأعصاب والمشاعر هكذا بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..
خاطرة أخيرة أود أن أكتبها قبل أن اتهم بالجنون الجزئي..
كم هو غريب أن يقابل عملك الطيب ونيتك الصافية ومحبتك للناس بعدم الاحترام والنكران..وأحيانا العقوق!
عالم غريب تدهشني غربته وترسم في وجهي ابتسامة شامته بلا سبب وبدون وضوح..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The bird left its nest...

Dear me,

Yesterday was an emotional day after a very busy week.
I won't say much so that no one would accuse me of over-doing it or getting over-emotional, anyhow, here are some of what has been written by my brotehr's best friends which brought tears into my eyes:

- "we going to miss u ****............i cant stop my tears" - cousin

- "I never thought this day will actually come.. :'(
I'm deeply sad & happy at the same time cuz ur living ur dream =)
I'm going to miss u, the house will be dull without u.. our outings will miss the special taste that u've always added.. =(

luv u bro =(

ur the best =)" - sister

And here what I'm going to say:
The much I feel really sad for your absence the much I really feel so happy for you 'cause you made your dream true, and 'cause you worked so hard to achieve your goal.
I'm so proud of you and just wanted to show you how much you are gonna be missed and how many people are waiting for you and wishing you always-always the best of luck.

May god bless you bro.

Faith :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Translated poem..

Live your life fully, the sweet and the bitter,

And who knows? A new darling might come along

Someone who would treat your sores

So your joy comes back

And you forget old love and me

And move outside the circle of my grief

By: Prince. Bader Abdelmohsin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two hours break!

Dear me,

So it has been a while since I last posted a new blog. They have been so busy two weeks and I was totally thrown into so much obligations and commitments every now and then...

Here I come and at last I spent a good two hours all alone in my room sorting things out and re-organizing my fragmented thoughts...The two hours resulted into a one-page report that I'm sending to a weekly magazine in Oman and one humble poem that I'll share with you later, me..

Later on, I held a book and started reading few pages till I reached a boring part and I can't really remember what happened then...I fell asleep! I was almost dying of lack of sleep the last two weeks and here I found myself falling asleep very easily, thankfully!