Saturday, December 25, 2010

[Music] Rainbow Veins

Hey ya'all,

Hope you're having a great time wherever you are. I'm recently into a song by Owl City called "Rainbow Veins". One of the few REAL happy songs I came's just stunning and one of the few songs you can listen to on repeat forever, and never get bored of.

I like the part where the lyrics goes like "your nerves gather with the altitude, exhale the stressed so you dont come unglued, somewhere there is a happy affair, a ghost of a good mood". I tend to remember that part whenever am stressed out or having a very tough day.

So yah...Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December in Oman~

1. HM is visiting SQU on Saturday :O. I have no idea why this piece of news is being kept low profile as nothing has been announced officially in this regard. The faculty members of SQU have already announced it to the students though. HM is going to meet with the students and faculty members and admins of the university in the new auditorium of the new cultural center in SQU. Can't wait to hear the speech!

"We are proud of this university; and more than that, we are proud of you in Oman and elsewhere" - HM the Sultan in his earlier visit to SQU back in May 2000.

Turned out that HM is visiting SQU to inaugurate the new cultural center, below is the invitation card!

2. The Fireworks Championship is still running, and it's been great so far although I haven't been very close to the place the fireworks launch from...However, the last two shows will be held on the 15th and 17th of December. Enjoy them while you can ;)!

3. Athletes from all around the world are participating in the 2nd Asian Beach Games in Oman; in the one-million square meters Al-Musannah Sports City. Has anyone been there?

4. A very-very local news: my brazar is on za way! 26 hours left SHARP! I can't wait and missing you terribly :(

Till Next Time <3

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I feel like saying..

Hey this is just a quick blog entry...

1. Congrats to Qatar on winning the 2022 World Cup bid..But the fact that they played the Israeli card is so sickening. They could have won the bid without such an obvious act/promotion for normalization with the Zionists.

2.  The entire world united to watch a flood of documented scandals when we failed to unite and stand up for the oppressed people in the region...adding more to their struggle and oppression

3. Practicing your rudeness arrogantly doesn't make you any tougher or smarter. Just for your information.

4. I've met an awesome lady called Judith Montgomery on Twitter. Just recently, I found out that she's published a novel that so much reminded me of A Thousand Splendid Suns & The Kite Runner by Khalid Hossaini. Her novel is called Aksandar, here is the novel's official blog...and if your are interested in following her, this is her user account name (@Aksandar). Her novel seems to be based on the things she's witnessed and came across while being there. I will def give it a read once I get hold of the book, inshallah..

5. Proud to be Omani till the end...

Till Next Time <3

Monday, November 29, 2010

Once Upon A December ~

Do you remember the song from Anastasia - the 1997 Diseny animated movie?....I always loved it as a kid =)...And since my birthday is in December I chose the name of the song to be the title of this blog entry.

I used to envy kids (whether friends or family) 'cause their parents used to throw bday parties for them. I used to pray that I have my own bday cake and get to wear a pink dress on this special occasion lol. That was such a naive thought! I didn't know how awkward it could possibly feel to have your own bday cake untill last year when my siblings brought me a cake and surprised me few days prior to my bday. God it felt so SO awkward lol "well thanks so much :$ bs I'm absolutely not used to that"
Hmm am at the moment clueless on what I'm going to share here, but I just felt like saying something...and perhaps next part is going to be in Arabic?

Alright, there we go..
خرقا للعادة احتفلت بيوم ميلادي المجيد قبل شهر بالضبط من موعده الأصلي من باب التغيير والتجديد..

وتكريما لهذه المناسبة الاقحوانية اختلجت المشاعر والأحاسيس المختلفة وأنا أقلب في ذكرياتي خلال العشر الشهور الي طافوا من يوم ميلادي الاخير...أبتسم في احيان على الذكريات الحلوة...وأراضي نفسي على الذكريات التعيسىة وأحاول أقنعها بأن الشهر الياي رح يكون أحسن بوايد ونهاية خير...باذن الله

السنة ال23 كانت سنة اقحوانية "علقت على اقحوانية" مليئة بالقرنبيط والبيض والطماط على حد سواء...تعلمت من حلوها ومن مرها...ويا محلا حلووها ويا كره مرها...ولكن وبكل روح ايجابية أقول: على قولة المثل

 "الي ما يذبحك...يسوي منك ريَال"

أتمنى تكون سنة جميلة جدا في الحياة مليئة بالايس كريم وفروزن يوجرت وكندر سربرايز وكيكتين يم بعض وكاكاو بو طقة وبو قفشة
ولبان بيغ ببل ولبن مراعي ونودلز الي تسويه هارتي

I will always remember this crazy year...for years to come. Well… at least until I’m really old and the Alzheimer’s kicks in lol, if I was alive then lol

"Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Once upon a december~"
Till next time <3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid ~

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

A very happy and blessed Eid! Hope you're all enjoying your time, may this year bring a lot of joy and happiness for you and your loved ones..

This post comes on the National Day, so I will take this opportunity to wish you all Omani readers a happy one...And long live Oman <3

I have been spending most of my time with the family kids: playing games, singing and dancing like crazy. I shared something about this yesterday with my twitter friends "I dislike calling them followers lol"...anyhow, I said something like: spending time with the kids is a soul purifying activity; it takes you away from life?..Hehe

We sang "i7na negdar" or "we can do it" yesterday night...I can't get over the part where the kids and my crazy cousins were chanting "NEGDAR" :D

OoOoo....Nabbi 3edyyaah :D lol

~ An interesting article about the above ad [here]

Till next time <3

Friday, November 5, 2010

Twisted Concepts

عندما يصبح الأدب قلة أدب

منذ عامين تقريبا وفي أول شهر لي في إحدى الشركات التقيت بإحدى "الأديبات" التي رحبت بي بعد أن عرفت من أكون. كان لقاء عابر وسريع. في معرض الكتاب في العام نفسه وجدت الكاتبة و الأديبة في إحدى دور النشر توقع أحد كتبها "الي ندمت وايد اني اشتريته وتحسفت على كل فلس دفعته عليه" ونادتني من بعيد "تعالي يا بنت فلان!" ابتسمت بسذاجة واقرتبت منها وهي تبتسم محاطة بإعلاميين وممثل ناشرها ومجموعة من المهتمين بكتابها...سألتني عن العمل والوالد وأخبرتها اني انتقلت إلى شركة نفطية سميتها لها خلال حديثنا وإذا بها وفي دهشة مصطنعة تسألني إن كنت ممن يعبئون سيارات الناس بالبترول...! لا تعليق

ابتعدت عن المكان من دون أن أرد وانا بداخلي أحمد الله وأشكره على نعمة العقل


"أديبة" أخرى أو بالأحرى "شاعرة" تجردت عن كل معاني الحياء والكرامة وجندت حياتها لملاحقة رجل بعمر أبيها إن لم يكن أكبر موهمة اياه بحبها الكبير وتعلقها الشديد وبالمناسبة بس مب أكثر: حاجتها للمال مع رقم الحساب وتفاصيل أخرى كيوم عيد ميلادها ويوم الشجرة والتفاح

وللمرة المليون أدعوكم أعزائي القراء لقراءة الفاتحة وسورة البقرة على روح المتنبي... وصدج، اللي استحوا ماتو... وصدق الشاعر الي قال:

عاري الكرامة لو تحلى بالالماس...عريان لو يلبس على الذل حلة


،همسه أخيرة
ما عدت أحتمل كل هذا، ولمن يفهم: في اليوم الذي تصبح فيه الخيانة حقيقة يتقبلها الجميع على انه "شي عادي ويا كثر ما يصير" هو اليوم الي سنتخلى فيها جميعنا عن إنسانيتنا...عن الخير في الناس

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The busiest....The Craziest

...days in my life. Many many things to be done in a very short time. October yaa October!

I've been spending pretty much LONG hours at work lately [no weekends too], I feel penalized for thinking to go on local leave next week :S. Not sure if I want to coninue doing this. I know, no body pushed me into my current career, but I just can't see myself doing this anymore. I rather pay as much effort on more useful stuff...or at least on the things I always wanted to do. I would like to make a career change and I have an idea in mind. Id3ooli!

It's alomst 12 AM, and I just stopped working..So, good night world!
يا ليل يا مستودع الأسرار يا موج الظنون~

Till next time <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Agdar Atkalam!

The other day, my sister Spot was chatting with my other sisters...And she jokingly went like "Miskeen 7ammani, he can't speak properly" talking about my little nephew.

He was few meters away playing with the rest of the he paused, then walked straighet to where she was sitting...his face was few inches away from her face when he said:

"Agdar atkalam....WAYED :@" [I can speak, a lot!]

Never underestimate any kid's abilities.... ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

~ Yes, there must be love ~

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

You must be wondering why do I have "نعم لا بد من حب = Yes, there must be love" in my blog's header...

I will tell you why...Very recently, I realized that this thing that sits right in the center of our chest does so much more than pump blood. It is the center of my being, and your being. It keeps everything together and is continuously working just to keep it all going. It holds tremendous power and has the ability to actually drop you right where you stand.

It’s a hard realizations "although am quite sure to the most of you it's not" because this glorious gift that beats for you all day long should be handled with so much care, whether it is yours or mine or anyone's...

It's true, some people are so careless with it, some abuse it and aim directly to hurt yours or others'...But let's all remember that at the same time there were hearts that never left your side, it never stopped pumping blood, love & care for your heart..waiting for absolutely nothing in return :)

And yes...there must be LOVE; my all time favorite Arabic single by the amazing Humoud El Khedher :)

Another version with English Subtitles [here]

Till next time <3

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear Reader – Dear Me,

First off, I want to apologize for not updating my blog for quite a long time now, and when I do, it’s mostly in Arabic. I've been so busy and couldn't write, but I hope I’ll have some spare time in the coming days, now that I’m done with the the stuff that kept me busy "deadlines, exam..etc" because I honestly miss writing a LOT...beside I have a lot to talk about!

Part of my absence was ‘cause of the tight schedule I had in Ramadan, and when I thought I might be free to update and share some goodies, I got sick “when wasn’t I sick anyways lol”...I couldn’t even do my exam in Ramadan “In fact I managed to do two questions and then had to leave the exam center all dizzy and tired”....Fortunately, I was given a chance to re-take the exam so I did it two days back. It all went well, and it’s now officially out of my way!

Eid was pretty much good; I spent it in my hometown along with my family. But then had to come back to Muscat to work, but guess what? I returned right after work ‘cause I just can’t stay alone in here. I don’t want to remember how sad I felt when I left my family. I never thought it could be that hard, although it was only for couple of days! Was it because it was still Eid time, and I somehow didn’t get to enjoy it much as I was still recovering and all? Anyways, that made me wonder how it’s going to be like when I’m going to travel abroad for post grad. I hope it’s just a matter of time. I seriously need to toughen up a little bit :D

Yay! I feel so glad to post again! :) Will update more the coming days, Insha'Allah :D

P.S I miss the rain, it feels like we are in one of the most rain-starved parts of the middle east x)

Till Next Time

Monday, September 13, 2010

خطوة....وأنا والظلم

 Spot منذ شهرين أو أقل شوي كنت مع اختي 
وكنت قد صرحتلهاعن رغبتي في اني اسوي شي أكبر مني في الحياة أو اني اهتم بقضية تشغلنا عن هموم الدنيا وسخافتها. كنت فعلا في حاجة..والحاجة أم الاختراع "حتى لو لم يكن اختراعا بكل ما في الكلمة من تعبير" ولكننا قررنا ان نبدأ بمدونه بسيطة نهتم بالقضية الفلسطينية بأسلوبنا الخاص، ليس فقط لأن فيها مسلمين أو عرب، ولكن لنؤكد للعالم أن قضية الظلم هي قضية عالمية لا تعترف بعرق بلون أو بدين

:ومن ثم انظم للفريق كل من

Giselle, Phat & Sting

بالترتيب....مبادرات رائعة من ناس وشخصيات أروع، فريق متنوع كل فرد فيه مبدع ومتميز في مجاله...نسأل الله أن يتقبله منا ويرزقنا الإخلاص في النية

الظلم قضية حساسة واي انسان عاقل وفاهم يدرك هذا الشيء والموضوع يبلغ ذذروته اذا كنت قد احسست يوم انك انظلمت أو انك مظلوم. هل فعلا نسينا هذا الشعور؟

والظلم هو أساس كل شر...فالكاذب ظالم ظلم الناس عن معرفة الحقيقة...والسارق ظالم، ظلم أصحاب الحقوق بسلب حقوقهم...والقاتل ظالم...و...و..و...

أنا والظلم
كنت من فترة قريبة أتكلم مع شخص عزيز على نفسي وحكيت عن موقف مؤلم جدا صار لي ايام الابتدائية كنت ايامها بالصف الثاني أو الثالث الابتدائي...أتذكر ان كان في بداية السنة وأنا في قمة الحماس والاجتهاد. معلمة مادة العلوم كانت قد وزعت لنا كراسات النشاط، أذا تتذكرونها كانت كراسة فيها ملصقات وصور حيوانات وخرابيط والمطلوب من الطالب انه يلصق صورة الحيوان عند اسمه أو شيء من هذا القبيل. وأختكم المجتهده حلت الكراسة بأكملها في أول يوم دراسي بعد ما رديت البيت "شطارة بزود"

المهم المعلمة العزيزة طلبت منا في ذلك اليوم ان نحل أول صفحة وأنا كنت أول بنت أمام ناظريها، فمسكت كراستي لتشرح للأطفال في الفصل ما عليهم فعله بالضبط وياللمفاجأه: كراستي محلوله! استشاطت غيضا "ليش؟ مادري" وطلبت مني أني أوقف طول الحصة في مكاني...وأنا ارتجف وارتعد خوفا وهي تصارخ وتصارخ بأعلى صوت عندها وملامح وجهها تفيض رعبا...ساعتها تخيلتها أسد مادري زوجة الاسد بس كانت فعلا تخوف وهي معصبة..!

وقفت طول الحصة وأنا موطية راسية و منخزية "مادري ليش؟" لكن كان قلبي يتقطع من الحزن وحاسة بأني مظلوومة لأبعد الحدود، تونا بادين السنه وانا توقفت وتعاقبت عاد! اعلن الجرس انتهاء الحصة والكل مستانس الا أنا! انتظر مصيري وآخرتها مع ابله هدى، وإذا بالمعلمة الشريرة تعود وتصارخ جدام ويهي وتختم الزفة بضربه قوية في أعلى صدري ودفعتني بقوة شديدة إلى الخلف....سقط جسدي الهزيل المذعور على طاولات الطلبة الي قاعدين وراي...موقف قمة في الوحشية ما رح أنساه أبدا ما حييت، حتى فترة قريبة كنت أذكر الموقف لأمي واقولها اني مستحيل أنساه ما حييت!!

هذا موقف بسيط أحمله في قلبي منذ طفولتي ودايما أذكر نفسي فيه...الي ذاق الظلم ما رح في عمره يرضى ان غيرة يقع في ظلم ويظل يبذل كل الي يقدر عليه ليرفع الظلم عنهم
ومازالت الحياة مستمرة ومسلسل الظلم والخيانات مستمر...فهل باليد حيلة؟ نعم...وهذه الخطوة هي بداية المشوار

Till Next Time...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

أم شلاخ البرمائية - حلقة استثنائية

وبعد طول غياب عدنا والحمدلله. بداية أحب أن أذكركم بطقوس الحلقة المعتادة (قد تكون أول مرة) ولنقرأ جميعا الفاتحة على روح فقيد الأدب العربي غازي القصيبي الي مات من الغيظ والقهر على حالتنا (وللحديث شجون في هذا الموضوع)...ولنقرأ أيضا الفاتحة على روح المتنبي حامل راية حملة "إلا الحماقة أعيت من يداويها" تذكيرا للجميع بهذه الحمله التي بدأها احد المتشدقين في عالم التدوين.

بداية..أحب إثارة موضوع هام جدا: يا متابعي الكرام المواطن العربي مواطن مكافح شهم وصبور ويعترف بثقافة العيب إلى أن يغادر حدود البلاد (خوفا من الوزن الزايد وبالتالي التكاليف الإضافية) إلا من رحم ربي. أي شك في ذلك يمثل الشك في أن اسمك فلان او في  أن اليوم هو اليوم وأن الغد سيأتي غدا. وبحركة عجيبة كل شي يعود كما كان حال العودة إلى أرض الوطن وربما يزيد التزمت واطلاق الأحكام على الآخرين يصبح حق طبيعي غير قابل للنقاش
@Spot ومن هنا يسرني أن أزف خبر بداية كتابتي لمجلد تحت عنوان "الماركسية في الأقفال العكسية" تيمنا بسلسلة الأقفال الناجحة ومن علمني حرفا كنت له عبدا. لنسبح جميعا أعزائي القراء في فضاء الأقفال الفسيح ونغني جميعا أغنية "إلا الحماقة أعيت من يداويها" الدويت الجميل الذي أداه فنان العرب محمد عبده بمشاركة فنان الغرب ستينغ في احتفال تخليد ذكرى شلة مكافحة الهبل والسرطان الذهني لمؤسسته Lemon منذ 3 أعوام بالضبط من تاريخ اليوم. اليوم عيدكم! هنيئا لكم!

وصلني في صندوق بريد الiPhone - WhatsApp القصة التالية، وجب التحذير بأن أحداثها 100% واقعية لا مجال لذرة من شلخي فيها:

"أنا انسان طيب ومكافح في هذه الأرض الطيبة التي لا تغرس إلا طيبا ولا تجني إلا طيبا. بدأ الشهر الفضيل وانا وعائلتي ننعم بفضل الله العميم وأثناء تناولنا لوجبة العشاء في إحدى الليالي السعيدة اتصل أحد أصدقاء أخي فيه، و اضطر أخي للإستئذان من على المائدة وودعناه بابتسامة: إلى هذه اللحظة والدنيا حلوة والكل مستانس ومرتاح. عشرة دقائق بالضبط تفصل بين هذا المشهد والاتصال المفاجى الذي تلقاه والدي: ابنك أصيب بحادث وهو الآن في الطريق إلى المستشفى"..الصدمة أفقدتنا كل الأحاسيس والمشاعر. في غضون دقائق كنا حوله في المستشفى القروي الصغير، طالب والدي بأن ينقل أخي إلى مستشفى أكبر في إحدى المدن القريبة. اخي يشتكي من ألم شديد في ساقة...الساق ملتفة والممرضات البارعات "لا" بدأن بسحب قدمه المصابة يمين ويسار لإعادتها لوضعا الطبيعي "عبقرية طبية عجيبة"..أخي يصرخ من الألم والطبيب يطلب الاسعاف لنقله...والمفاجأة: سائق سيارة الطوارئ في رحلة...وأزيدكم من الشعر بيوتا وعمارات: طالع رحلة بسيارة الأسعاف "ياللروعة!"

والحل: طلب سيارة أخرى من مستشفى أخر قريب...تأخير لمدة ساعة إذا مب أكثر. السيارة الثانية شرفت ونورت بطلتها البهية الأرجاء. أنا وأخي الاصغر طلبنا مرافقته في الاسعاف. تحركت السيارة وأنا أدعي يا رب سهل يا رب الطف. سائق السيارة يصرخ من المقدمة: البريكات ما تشتغل يا جماعة. بدأت بالضحك الهيستيري "الطيب...انت متأكد اننا مب في حلقة طاش ما طاش مثلا؟"

طلبت من السائق مقطوع الحظ ومكسور الخاطر أن يوقف بالسيارة جانبا إلى أن أجد للموضوع صرفة..الشارع مقطوع ولا تمر فيه الا الشاحنات في هذا الوقت من الليل. أوقفت إحدث الشاحنات وطلبت من سائقها عدة تصليح سيارات وهو يطالعني بنظرات مليئة بالدهشة وانا بخاطري ألف صيحة من القهر والذل. حاولنا اصلاح السيارة ولكن بلا فائدة. قررنا استكمال المشوار وطلبت من السائق ان يقود ببطء شديد...وأمامنا ببضع دقائق صادفتنا "عنزة" من النوع الأشقر تعبر الشارع بتميع ودلع وفي الليل!..لم يستطع السائق ان يتفاداها أو أن يخفف السرعه فصدمناها...إلى هنا تيقنت اننا فعلا في حلقة طاش ما طاش.."

الايميل له بقية ولكن لاختصار الوقت شاركتكم الجزء الأهم...هنيئا لكم جميعا وكل عام وانتم نجوم مسلسلات الكوميديا الخليجية

Saturday, August 28, 2010

[Music] Healing ~

Dear readers - Dear Me,

I present to you the new single by Sami Yousef from his new album "Wherever You Are". It's irony and yet amazing that I can so much relate it to what am going through these days...Perfect timing I guess. Anyhow, the lyrics and the music video are just so deep and touching that they teared me up. Enjoy :)


It’s so hard to explain

What I’m feeling
But I guess it’s ok
Cause I’ll keep believing :)
There’s something deep inside
Something that’s calling
It’s calling you and I
It’s taking us up high

Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
A smile can change a life let’s start believing
And feeling, let’s start healing

Heal and you will be healed
Break every border
Give and you will receive
It’s Nature’s order
There is a hidden force
Pulling us closer
It’s pulling you and I
It’s pulling us up high
Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
A Smile can change a life let’s start believing
And feeling, let’s start healing

Hearts in the hand of another heart and in God’s hand are all hearts
An eye takes care of another eye and from God’s eye nothing hides
Seek only to give and you’ll receive
So, heal and you will be healed

Till Next Time <3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspired by..

The new Zain Ad...

أكبر من حزني ومن فرحتي...

أكبر من ضعفي ومن قوتي...

أكبر من شوقي ومن لهفتي...

Till next time~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a very random post

أشياء تطاردها
وأخرى تمسك بتلابيب ذاكرتك
أشياء تلقي عليك السلام
وأخرى تدير لك ظهرها
أشياء تودّ لو قتلتها
لكنّك كلّما صادفتها
أردتك قتيلًا
"أحلام مستغانمي"

“Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things” - Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

شراب الحب يعرف بالمذاق
وما كل السقاة له بساقي
يعز علي ترك الحب عندي
ولو بلغت بي الروح التراقي
تركت جميع خلق الله دوني
شغلت عن الخلائق باشتياقيّ

"حمود الخضر - شراب الحب"


"إحسان" or "Philanthropy"
Only the day we understand this principle, and implement it in our lives, life would become a better place...

يتوق قلبي إلى وطني المؤجل

إلى فضيحة عارمة لكل الأوطان الكاذبة

Till next time~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan 2010

Dear readers – Dear Me,

(Pic by Design-Q8)

It's freaky how almost 12 months passed in the blink on an eye! Thursday, the 12th of Aug 2010 is going to be the first Day of Ramadan Insha'Allah in Oman. So Ramadan Mubarak ya’all and may Allah shower us all with his finest blessings, peace, forgiveness and mercy during this holy month.


After the ultimate success of fellow blogger : Bride from “Wanna be a bride” or “3ayza atgawiz” in publishing a book based on her blog, her story has recently been turned into a TV show that’s going to be aired during the days of Ramadan. I mean how cool is that! :D (That doesn’t mean that I’m going to watch it btw :p).

Anyhow, I can honestly say that it was really fun reading her book & her blog, so let’s see if the show is going to be as fun!

That's how Bride described herself in her blog:

أمثل 15 مليون بنت من سن 25 إلى سن 35 و اللي بيضغط عليهم المجتمع كل يوم عشان يتجوزوا..مع إنه مش بإيديهم إنهم لسه قاعدين


I’ve been receiving many emails about people making resolutions for Ramadan and some suggesting some schedules to be followed and what not… I think setting goals for what you want to achieve during Ramadan helps, even if it’s just the mere fact that one reflects on the month to come and recognizes that at least some changes should be made.
One recurring resolution I always make is to try and cut away from the ‘noise’ of the world in an attempt to really ‘hear’. And oh, I’m planning to eat healthier food & lay off the grease and desserts I constantly have specially during family gatherings :p

Till next time
وكل رمضان وانتوا بخير والله يبلغنا جميعا صوم رمضان وقيامه ومن بعده العيد

Monday, August 2, 2010

نقطة نظام

...دنيا عجيبة
احتار عقلي في أمرها...تدهشتني غربتها وتضحكني دموعا
يزيد التزام الشخص ويزيد عنده سوء الظن ويخول نفسه مسؤلا عن الحكم في نوايا الناس وأعمالهم...واحتقارهم كأنه ملاك منزل من
 السماء وغيره شياطين مطرودة من رحمة الله والناس
يخطئ المخطئ وينوي أن يعود...فتتقاذفه ألسنة الناس ويداس في التراب. ويتمادى الأهبل في استهباله ويستقبله الناس بالأحضان
الواسعة والحفاوة المطلقة
موظف خلوق أفنى شبابه وابيض شعر رأسه وهو مخلص لعمله... اكتشف "اللعب" في المناقصات في قسمه واقترح حلول أفضل
وأوفر واستقبل اقتراحه بالرفض...والطرد إلى اقصى وأنأى بقاع الأرض كعقاب لتدخله في شؤون "غيره" أعلم وأفهم بها
"قل كلمة..شيئا يسير...قلها فقد تحيي ضمير"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Years Already?

. August 2008 - Auguat 2010
In August 2008, I came up with the idea of creating this blog. I was unknown, I completed 2 months, if not more, with zero readers (apart from myself, my best friend and my younger sister). It was during a critical time of my life where I was done with my studies and in job-hunting phase. I talked about many stuff, poured out all my thoughts, my sad moments and the happy ones in this place. I got so attached to the place, god knows why, although nobody else was reading me. But it was just too special and precious to me that I would keep on checking it all day long. In a later stage, some people started reading and following this spot, it’s been very fun to write and inter­act with every­one who reads my stuff (thanks, by the way).

Then I decided to create a new blog using the same profile to pull together all the Arabic stuff I used to share on my MSN Space and that was Faith’s World beginning. However, some members suggested that I combine the two blogs, and I started tagging all my Arabic posts under بالعربي label.

Am I happy? Not totally. I think I need to get some serious job done down here.

. The Art Of Doing Nothing At All
I’m out of ideas, out of stuff to share. I’m just trying to have a pace of mind, and do nothing at all. Doing some self-analysis wouldn’t harm though. I want to really dig deep into my head and see where I really am with life, just think­ing about every­thing that I have done or haven’t done for the goals and plans I've set for myself.

Would I sur­prise you in telling you that you should be tak­ing time to sit around and do absolutely noth­ing? It may sound crazy, believe me. I have been always motivating myself to work hard in life and to never rely on anyone else, and a lot of what I talk about in my daily life and with my friends may just go against a lot I talked about here today. It just proves two things: 1) I can’t get my ideas straight and 2) I can be full of contradictions. :)

. Studying?!
I’ve spent almost two years away from the studying atmosphere, and I now am back & have slightly started preparing for an upcoming exam. (I have been doing lots of reading the past two years though, does that count as studying?)

. Frustrated?
Well, let off some steam ;)

Till Next Time ~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

خربطة ثمنها عقلك

هذا المنظر يبدو مألوفا لدي أشعر بأنه حدث في زمن سابق من حياتي..أو ربما أنا أتخيل...ولكنني رأيت هذا الوجه من قبل, أنا لا أتخيل..

أشحت بنظري عنها بعد أن أحسست بأنها لاحظت تحديقي عليها في الخمس دقائق الأخيرة. دفعت بعربتي أمام المحاسب في ال"سوبرماركت"...ودفت معها كل الأفكار العشوائية وركزت تفكيري على خطة العشاء..

أختي الاصغر تركض إلى ناحيتي "عصير الطفولة...شوفي...والله أغرب عصيرشفته بحياتي: "يقنعون الأطفال مكرا انهم يشربون كولا صحي" وشاركتها في ضحكها العفوي ..تذوبني ضحكتها..
أدفع بعربتي مرة أخرى في قمة النشوة وكأنني حصلت على غنائم لا مجرد مواد غذائية...وما زالت نظراتها تلحقني.."أكيد مشبهة" أؤكد لأختي التي هي الأخرى لاحظت نظراتها الفضولية..
أدخل مفتاحي في الفتحة السحرية يطربني صوت المحرك أظل أفكر بشمعة الاحتراق في إحدى دروس الفيزياء وعملية بدأ عمل المحرك...أبدأ بإخراج السيارة من "الموقف" ويشد انتباهي رقم لوحة السيارة التي كنت أقف بجانبها 4553 أبتسم وألتفت إلى اختي..."لو زادوا على الرقم 447 لكان الرقم أفضل"...وترد علي بعد ان تبتسم وهي تحرك رأسها استغرابا "لو شالوا 553 لكان رقم أفضل بكثير..لم التعقيد!" ... ابتسم بصمت وانهي الحديث ولكن الحسابات ما زالت جارية في رأسي في كل لوحات السيارات المجاورة... لو كانت الأرقام انسانا لصاحبته...

أدخل في غرفتي أغلق المصابيح وباب الغرفة وألقي بالمفاتيح في الطاولة الجانبية وأرمي بجسدي ورأسي بعد بداية هجوم صداع حاد في طرفي رأسي وحول عيني...النوبة ستستمر 24 ساعة او أقل في أحسن الأحوال مع أخذ الحبوب مرة خلال كل أربع ساعات والتي تتحول في معظم الأحاول ساعتين...أتذكر ما قاله دكتور الأعصاب عندما سألته عن المده التي سأستمر فيها بأخذ حبوب مقاومة الاكتئاب التي من شأنها التخفيف من آلام صداع الشقيقة على
المدى البعيد "50 سنة ضوئية إذا الله أحيانا"
تستمر الأفكار رغم الداء "الصداع" والأعداء "الأدوية" ...خربطة ثمنها رأسي...وعقلي

Sunday, July 11, 2010

[Movie Review] Children of Heaven

بچه های آسمان - Children of Heaven
Iran - 71st Academy Awards - Best Foreign Movie Nominee [1999]

~ In a poor neighborhood in Tehran, a little boy called Ali left the shoes of his sister Zahra near a store, but when he returned they are gone. Ali and Zahra thus decide not to tell anything to their parents since they are a very poor family and thus conceive and plan: she will wear his shoes during school in the morning and he will have them during school in the afternoon.

~ This movie is so purely humane, and it's something that stands out so much that it almost becomes relevant for it's quality. It felt like am there watching the heroes, tearing out when they cry, smiling at their innocence. I so much admired every single bit of the movie.
~ My rating: 9/10. I would have given it a 10 but I didn't like the ending much, and am not going to share how was the ending like so that I don't spoil the movie for you dear reader.

I still can't get over it; simply a must watch!

~ The official trailer:

Till next time :D

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Readers – Dear Me,

A lot of things are going on recently, it's almost impossible to catch up with everything but here's some of the so many swalif* I feel like sharing with you all... :D


. I came across the Online Donations portal today morning. This portal allows you to make Online donations to Oman’s biggest charities like The Association of the welfare of the Handicapped, Oman Hereditary Disorder Association & Oman Charitable Organization.
It's a simple idea yet so practical and useful. You can just click on donate now and do it in a matter of seconds! Worthy to mention that it's the idea of young ladies working for ministry of social development. Great job :)


. World Cup mania rages across my company. This is an email I got from my big boss today:

-----Original Message-----

From: Mr. Big Boss
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:19 AM
To: All department staff

Dear all,

The company has provided some tickets for the semi finals (Jul6th, Jul7th), match for thrid place (Jul10th) and final match (Jul 11th), and RO2 coupons. They are limited so if anyone of you is interested please come over.

Best regards,

Can it get any cooler? :p


. A couple of years ago I had a falling out with a person who used to be really close to me. I cant tell you what the falling out was about, and the reason I cant tell you is because I dont remember, or actually, there was no reason at all [from my side at least]!!

Anyhow, what made me mention this now is that I'm supposed to meet up with her and other old school mates tomorrow - although am quite sure I'll come up with a good excuse not to go to the gathering for some personal reasons...But it really hurts whenever I think about it. She missed my graduation, she missed my first job, my first ride in my a lot of things!

I missed her engagment, her wedding, her graduation...and seems that am going to miss her first baby.

Was it worth it?
Does she think about it the same way I do?
Should I go? What would she do when she sees me? Or it's been too long? ...and maybe too late?


Till next time folks

* Swalif: Gossip or pretty much telling people what you heard and what you're up to!



Friday, June 25, 2010

It's summer time!!

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

. My first painted mug is ready! For those who haven’t been to Ciramique Café, it’s a must visit café! You can choose any item of pottery, paint it and leave it with them for one week to glaze. It was a cool experience, totally worth every penny!

I was totally out of artistic ideas when I started painting my mug. The only thing I could think about was just to cut the hassle and draw yellow, orange and red strips…and it turned out to look somehow like bathroom tiles :p

. I started a campaign called “Every day’s a holiday” few weeks back, as am apparently not going to have a single day off from work during summer. Loads of fun activities and projects in my list. Nowadays am quite busy preparing and working on a project with my sister Spot anddd of course the world cup!
It sometimes gets really boring while waiting for some action in the matches, specially in the first half of most of the games. Here's what we usually do in such times:

Till next time! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scary childhood tales & characters - Part II

Dear readers,

As I promised this is the second part of scary childhood tales & characters. Check out the first part in case you haven't read it yet. Enjoy :)


There’s a famous myth in Oman that claims the existence of some creatures called “Maghayba”. It’s basically a person who’s been taken by witches/wizards. When a witch or a wizard puts their eyes on someone –it could be anyone- they’d take them and leave the body of the person “so everyone thinks that he’s dead”, but actually the person would become a mindless slave in a pitiable mental and physical shape.

Irony is that many people still believe in it, and more, they believe that most of their loved ones and relatives who passed away are still alive, and that witches turned them into Mghayba (plural of Mghayab)

Ahel bismllah

The elderly people used to[ and some still do] refer to Jinn by Ahel bismllah in an attempt to avoid mentioning them – and thus to avoid their harm.

El neg6a el 7amra “The red dot”

“Go to bed now otherwise the red dot would come to you” that’s what we used to very often hear when we were kids. I still don’t have a clear picture of what the red dot is all about, all I know is that I sometimes tended to believe that the red illuminating dot on the AC’s switch is what they were talking about, in an attempt to make the whole thing rather funny and less creepy.

That's it for today
Till next time :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear readers - Dear me,

Some of you might have noticed that I *finally* changed my blog's design, although it's not quite a huge change as it's still green! But anyways, I guess I really needed such a change...and am up to more changes in other aspects of my life too..

However, do you think that it is important to have a continuity in your blog's design, that people know what your page looks like? And Is the current design any good? :D


I was trying to plan my summer leave today at work, and realized that I haven't had more than a week break from work since I started working, i.e. for the past one year and 8 months hehe! Well it's all good...I'm kinda having a good work/life balance, I'm still able to do all the stuff I want, and have some free time every now and then.


I'm intending to start a quite small project before end of July. Will update you soon on some details :) الله يسهل


I admire this picture for some weird reason :)

Muscat - June 2010


So yah, that's it for today. Was such a long day!

Till next time :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

[Response] Sickle Cell Awareness Day

Dear Readers,

Update: Other Bloggers' Resposes:
Reality in Oman

Dhofari Gucci

As a response to Um 3azzan's call [here], I'd like to invite you all dear readers & bloggers to the first World Sickle Cell Awareness Day as per the invitation below:

Under the auspices of
His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Saif Al Hosni
Under Secretary Ministry of Health

HH Sayyida Alya Bint Thuwaini Bin Shihab Al Said
President Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association

cordially invites you to attend the
World Sickle Cell Awareness Anaemia Day

Saturday, June 19th 2010 @ 10:30 am at Muscat City Centre

Kindly spread the word! And let's make a difference and help in rasising public awareness regarding the importance of pre-marital testing.

And this is a dedication to you all <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learn from Haya

I’ve absolutely got a lot of things to say concerning the freedom flotilla incident and about the blockade of Gaza strip but I think this time, an entire interview of 8 parts would articulate it in a better way….

Haya Al Shatti, a 26 years old humanitarian activist, talks about her experience in the freedom fleet to break the blockade of Gaza…

It replies the entire questions one might have in mind in regards to the aim of this fleet and what where they doing exactly and most; how did it happen… The truth was uncovered to millions of people from the west and the reality of those Zionists became even clearer to the world and yet, I have heard and read about a lot of people condemning the members of the fleet. يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الأمم

To all those, and to the ones who claimed that they were warned and that they deserved what they faced I say: Learn from Haya..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scary childhood tales & characters - Part 1

Dear readers,

Growing up I was always fascinated by some scary stories and characters my mother and my grand parents relayed to me on different occasions and which had an impact in my life in different ways. I thought of sharing them here, who knows, maybe someday down the road I'll come back to this place and show them to my kids and grand kids for them to laugh at how naive their granny used to be one day.. :p

Mother Of Palms & Fibers أم السعف والليف

Is the most famous scary character in almost everyone’s childhood life. Older people used to describe her as a tall ugly looking lady, covered with palm leaves “sa’af” and fibers “leef”. We have been told that her favorite hobby is chasing the kids who refuse to follow their parents’ instructions, and then punish the kid [the punishment details used to be a secret to add more mysterious feel and creepiness to the complete story]. I can tell you how scared I used to feel each time I heared her name on anyone’s tongue. And I bet Hollywood can never imitate the level of horror she used to bring in any movie they produce.

The Noon's Donkey حمارة القايلة

The noon’s donkey is hands down the second scariest childhood character! It shares the same level of fame and horror with um el sa3af wa el leef, however, she’s a noon person. She’s never been spotted in any other time of the day as per the experts in this field. So as a kid I used to feel relieved when the sun sets. No more 7marat el gaylah threat for the rest of the day!

And worthy to mention that 7marat el gayla used to scare the guts of everyone, not only kids. I remember women in my family telling stories about her…they used to go like:

Woman 1: “Um 3llan, have you heard about flan’s widow, flanah?!”

Woman 2: “Oh yah, poor thing, she had coffee with 7marat el gayla..waai!”

Woman 3: “What! You can’t be serious woman – leave about you يعني خلي عنج " :p

Woman 1: “I’m telling you…a strange woman knocked her door, so she asked her to come in and offered her a cup of coffee and some dates & fruits…then um flan’s son came to take his mom’s permission to play with the kids during the noon time…so she asked her son never to leave home, coz 7marat el gayla will come to you…you know, she has a body of a normal person and legs of a donkey [7mar]…and the strange woman showed them her leg: “you mean something like this?”…and um flan and her son fainted on the spot!”

Woman 2& 3: No way! No way! :
*slaps her face with two hands*

Naughty 7marat el gayla!!

Mother of Boys أم الصبيان

This is almost the only yennyah “Jinni” that is not interested in scaring the kids in this part of the world, yet hearing her name used to freak the hell of the kids.

Experts say that this yennyah kills baby boys inside their mom’s tummies during pregnancy, and so the people believed. So whenever a woman loses her baby, everyone would start saying that “bloody bloody um el 9byan is behind this, you gotta put immyaz [some sort of knives] under your pillow, woman! I’ll chop my two arms off my shoulders if I’m not right!”

To be continued...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tropical Cyclone Phet in Oman

Dear readers,

The first day of the cylcone has almost passed. It was category 4 this morning and reached category 1 in the afternoon, thanks god. The weather coditions are still not so stable and experts are kind of clueless on whether is it going to get stronger and comes towards Muscat or just changes its direction and move away towrards Pakistan & India.

I lost contanct with my family in another region in Oman since this morning. Last thing I heard is that many small house were almost destroyed. Palm trees were destroyed too. I can't express my feelings right at this moment, but I just hope it's all going to be alright.

A group of facebookers started this page for updates about the tropical storm.

And here are pics of the clouds yesterday when they began to form yesterday afternoon:


"click for better view"


"click for better view"

Da3watkum...Let me know how each one of you doing as far as we still have internet connection!

PS: TV is not working in our house, am so thankful internet is still on!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stories That Touched My Heart Part III

So, am boring you again with my stories. :D

Three weeks ago, I was invited at my friend’s place for a Pajama Party. We started by playing baby foot with her younger siblings, was great fun. Then we played a little Pro Evolution. Half an hour later, we went to the girls’ bedroom where my friend’s sisters and 2 female cousins where sitting; chatting and stuff…

My friend’s youngest sister “11 years old” entered the room carrying 3 big photo albums. They all belonged to their deceased Mom “allah yer7amha” who passed away 4 years ago of Lever Cirrhosis.

One album was of their mom during uni days in Qatar, another one has pics of her engagement party & wedding party. Third has pics of their mom with each one of them when they were kids; since they were babies till they grew up..

My heart was aching, I was so astonished and intimidated by the amount of patient each one of them has. I couldn’t hold myself, it was so emotional and just too much for me to handle….I pretended that am tired and went to bed earlier than the plan. And I barely slept that night.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[Memories] M3alam's School

It took me quite a while to start writing this blog, am trying to decide whether to write it in Arabic or English "I know I suck at both, but anyways"..I think I'll write it in Arabic...

يوم أمس وقبل لا انام كنت ماره غرفة الاطفال الصغار "اليهال" الي كل حد مصر ان يسميهم يهال بالرغم من أن أصغر واحد فيهم أطول مني...عموما...وشفت في مكتبتهم مصحف بغدادي
!!مجرد رؤيته بعثت في نفسي شجون ورديت *ثمنتعش* سنة ورا

*فلاش باك*
.أيام صيف 91 لما كنا نروح المصيف في إحدى القرى الريفية الساحرة :P
المدة كانت تتراوح من اسبوعين إلى شهر...وأحيانا أكثر

في إحدى الصباحات الجميلة في الحياة كنت قايمة الصبح وشفت عمي يعطي أحد اخواني فلوس ويقوله روحوا مدرسة بو فلان ومروا على أم فلان واشتروا من عندها قاعده بغدادية وجزء عم
وانا سرحت وراحت الأفكار تأخذني يمنة ويسرة أحاول أتخيل شكل القاعده البغدادية "مينو؟ لأ أكيد كاكاو بو قفشة! لا يطلع جوتي؟" وهكذا...

اخوي الأكبر يحاول يقنعني أني اقعد في البيت وخصوصا ان شكلي مش ولا بد من السرير إلى بيت الحرمة بعد ما يصير...ولكني اقنعته بطريقتي الخاصه وعلى قولة المثل "منو يعرف مريوم في سوق الخلاجين؟" المهم اني تبعتهم إلى بيت الحرمة وأصريت عليهم الا ويشترون لي قاعدة بغدادية
واكتشفت بأنها شيء كهذا:

حضرت يومين أو 3 أيام بالكثير *رزة ويه* ولكنها كانت أيام حلوة
كانت الحياة وايد بسيطه وهادية
أحن إلى طفولتي المسلوبة خخ
وأحن لأيام أول...

ذكرتك يا زمان أول
ذكرتك يا زمان أول كثر مافكري يتجول
مع أيامك مع سنينك مع شوق معك طول
ذكرت الناس بالديرة
ومبدا الجار والجيرة
وناس من بساطتها
تجيك بعالي السيرة
على فكرة في اللحظة 00:59 المخرج يطلع بالغلط ركزوا!! ههه
Till next time! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten things you want to do before you die

Dear me - dear readers & dear silent readers :p

The other day I watched an episode of Oprah's show where she intereviewd a group of guys who called themselves "The Burried Life" after the famous poem by Mattew Arnold. Each one of them listed ten things they want to do before they die and started making some come true...and actually crossed out many of them :D

So I thought to myself, what are the ten things I really want to do before I die?
I made my own list, that am going to share with you all. Make your own list, set some goals and start LIVING your life because before you know it, it will be too late!

And here's my list:

1. I want to go to Afghanistan "Herat & Kabul specifically". I want to see the places mentioned in "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Novel by Khaled Hosseini ...I want to build a school for kids like Maryam :'( and adopt a child from the orphanage Laila worked in :(

Yegool el sha3r Saib Tabrizi..e7m e7m:

Every street in Kabul is enthralling to the eye
Through the bazaars, caravans of Egypt pass
One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roof
And the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls

2. I want to ride my childhood friend's bicycle again!

3. I want to sky dive!

4. I want to publish a book that can change something in ppl's life! *hopefully*

5. I want to start my own business, something related to *2* things I like the most in this life!

6. I want to pray in Al Aqsa...for once

7. And of course, I want to go for Hajj....And pay for the entire trip from my own pocket

9. Invest in my little sister's education till she graduates from high school inshallah

10. Will tell you some other time!

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Exclusive Coverage] Mini Bloggers Meet-up!

Mini Bloggger Meet Up
Event Summary

Date: 9th of May 2010 Time: 7:30 PM Place: [------] Café

Attendees: Shahrazad, Um 3azzan (Arabian Princess), Reality in Oman, Nadia (Dhofari Gucci), Spot (Spot’s Republic) and I.


2:33 PM I got a text message from Shahrazad:

“ Hi Faith, Um 3azzan & I are meeting up tonight with Dhofari Gucci & Reality. Care to join? :) “

I replied right away and we agreed that Um 3azzan passes by both of us. 30 minutes before the meeting, Spot decided to join, she couldn’t miss such a meeting!

So we arrived almost on time. It felt weird in a funny way at the beginning to meet up with people I always read their blogs and whom I always wondered how they look like in reality and stuff. It’s interesting to see the faces behind the nicknames I should say! :)

Shahrazad: So Nadia who you think is Faith?

*Me & Spot standing next to each other and smiling at Reality and Nadia*

Nadia: *Pointing at me* this must Faith!

*Everyone laughed*

So we had our seats. I’ve never imagined that I’d ever feel that shy. I barely said a word at the beginning. I pretended to be a good listener to the discussions that had begun where I was feeling sooo shy inside, don’t ask me why. But in 15 minutes later or so I started to mangle in and spoke a little. Throughout the discussion, Nadia kept on shaking her head and she was like “Faith…Faith..I always thought you’re a tiny short girl..GOD” and on other times she went like “I should have brought my grill pink shades

Anyways, soo we discussed various hot topics, every one of us had something to share: opinions, real stories, laughs, sighs…etc etc. Worthy to mention that so many spot on sorta questions were raised by Shahrazad (P.S. she’d make a good TV host in the future, she’s SO getting there ;D)

We all enjoyed the gathering [Well I hope?] I personally enjoyed it so much the way I almost forgot about my Ceaser’s salad I ordered :p, I kept on listening carefully to what each lady’s got to say. And yah I was watching how rebellious Reality was even when she’s eating, and how Nadia preferred to eat her sandwiches her very own way :P. Spot was almost the most talkative *Mashallah* :p. Um 3azzan was mesmerizing *as she always is*, Ialways liked the way she puts her thoughts. And yah, [I can't miss mentioning this]: Shahrazad was caught many times texting her Mr :p.


Random quotes from the meet-up:

Um3azzan: “"أنا أحب بالعربي

Spot: “Three years of torture…walla!”

Reality: “Give me anything…but flowers!”

Nadia: “I better speak in English, you’ll laugh at my Dhofari accent”


PS: Sorry ladies if I surprised you, but had to post something about it! :D

احبة قلبي إن قلبي نزيلكم وحاشا نزيل الاكرمين يضام سلام عليكم ماارق وصالكم وغاية مجهود المقل سلام

Till next time Dear Readers & Dear Me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Only in Bahrain - Part II

Batelco & Viva Bahrain are two telecom competing companies in Bahrain. The first one is Bahraini and the second is Saudi. There is an ads-war *if I can call it so* going on there. Pics speak louder, enjoy ;p :

Viva Bahrain Vs. Batelco

أول وحده قويية

Till next time :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

صباح اليوم...وكل يوم

هممت بالتقاط ثيابي الملقية على الأرض بشغب متثاقلة كسلا..رفعت قميصي المخطط والتقت عيني بانعكاس صورتي على المرآه المحاذية للحمام. أشعر وكأنني أعيش في صندوق يحجبني عن العالم بأسره. اقتربت أكثر من المرآه..ركزت نظري على عيني وأنا أحادث نفسي "يا الله...أحس اني كبرت 10 سنوات في السنتين الي طافوا"

أختي الصغيرة تجلس أمام المرآه لمدة ساعة تتأمل نفسها...ثم تشتكي من "البنت في المدرسة" التي أسمعتها كلاما جارحا بالأمس..

أخي الأصغر يتوعد بأن يلقنها درسا لن تنساه "إذا ما حد مأدبها في البيت والله لأدبها"...أمي تعنفه وتحاول افهامه انه ليست من واجباتك تأديب الناس..التفت لنفسك أول!

أبقيت الباب مفتوحا وأنا أكمل ترتيب الغرفة...وأرتب معها أفكاري المتشتته في كل حدب وصوت

صوت التقاء أكواب الحليب بالطاولة في المطبخ والفوضى العارمه التي اجتاحت المطبخ بدأ بالوصول إلى مسمعي.

عراك آخر.."أنا مجيد بيوصلني قبل اليوم".. "لأ أنا"..."أسهر بالليل وعقب قول وصلوني أول واحد"....الخ..

أمي تتبعهم إلى الباب الخارجي وبيدها أحد أكواب حليب.. أحدهم خرج من البيت دون أن يشربه .."وبعدين معاكم.."

بيكسي "القطه" ملقية بجسدها المدلل عن الباب تفرك نفسها بأقدام الداخل والخارج بدلع...حين يخرج الجميع تبدأ بأخذ حمامها اليومي..بلسانها...

أبدأ بالأستعداد لبدأ يوم جديد...رتابة يوميه تتكرر كل صباح! وأقف دائما في نفس الطريق أبتسم للـ"رايح والياي"...أنتظر يوم تشرق الشمس فيه ولا تغيب بعدها...للأبد..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only In Bahrain

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

It's the 2nd of May today, almost the mid of the year! Is it me or every year passes faster than the year before?


I thought of sharing some interesting stuff I saw in Bahrain last week.

1. You'd see a similar ad to the one below almost everywhere you go in Bahrain:

This poster is part of a HUGE campaign called A9eel; aim is improving both work ethics and positive attitudes of the government's employees in Bahrain. Check their site to watch the Webisodes and know more about the campaign!

2. Kids Gym. Considering the high percentage of Obesity in Bahrain, I think it's quite a wise idea!

Till bext time! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Signing off as a naive..

Where am supposed to be packing for the so called "fun trip"...not! I was thinking of something I said to my sister yesterday:

"Friends come and go like a season. People change, life changes...but there're things that will never change. Shoulders you'll always come back to cry on"
Go girl, hit and kick backs! (A)

Anyways, show is over.

Good night kids and see you all next week...I know you will miss me not :p! But what the heck, I'll miss you too!!

Stories That Touched My Heart - Part II

[Standing on the hill, he used to always ask us to close our eyes and imagine things that would bring happiness to our souls, he made sure we see the same place every time with a new eye.

"Who knows, it might be the last time you be up here, on this same exact spot!". He got it right, it was his last time. RIP Uncle..]
To Be Continued "not so sure though"
Till next time

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stories That Touched My Heart

Over the past few weeks I have encountered some incidents/heard of couple of stories that have truly touched my heart in many ways.

. The other day I was parking my car by the supermarket where an old man with a dirty and messed up dishdasha approached me. He greeted me and then asked me if he can wash my car. I greeted him back and nodded my head as a sign of agreement. I returned to my car and found him done cleaning and he was washing for prayers. I gave him his money, he beamed and headed over to where he left his bucket and stuff, and he waved at me and then lifted his hands up in prayer. He’s probably in his sixties. I couldn’t help it; my eyes tore up. I totally admire his self-respect, and the fact that he’s working to earn money instead of begging like many young healthy people do.

. My younger sister is currently doing a clinical Pediatrics rotation (clinical clerkship). The other day they received a 2-weeks old baby who was found near a public school in Muscat. They did full check-up, he was in a good health, thanks god, and he was named AbdulRahman.
Before their on-call shift ended, they passed by the ward the baby was in, and they saw the baby staring at the TV in total stillness, a live broadcasting of Isha prayers from Mecca was on. They cried. Everyone did.

To be continued.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From office..

Back when he was a good boy..

...And now punished for not behaving well!

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أم شلاخ البرمائية - حلقة جديدة

عدنا والعود أحمد

يكتظ بريدي الإلكتروني ب 45987 بريد إلكتروني من الخليج والعالم العربي والاعربي وجزر الكاريبي وجميع مقاطعات الواق واق يسألون ويتطمنون على أحوالي وأحوال الشلخ..

وأعتذر من الآلاف غيرهم الذين رسلوا يسألون عن ال"بي بي كود" الخاص بي وأغتنم الفرصة لأعلن للجميع استغائي الكامل والمطلق من أجهزة البلاك بيري بعد أن تبين لي ان صاحب الشركة المنتجه له من أكبر عناصر الفاشية المعاصرة...وبعد ان تم انتقادي واتهامي بـ" بلبلة وإرباك الرأي العام" في حواري وسكيك البلد...وأعلن بكل فخر امتلاكي لجهاز آي فون...فأنا من مشجعي منظمة عدم الاحتكار
فرع الميوه – آبل

أتذكر بعد شهرين من ولادتي التقائي بالمدير التنفيذي بشركة "ريسيرتش إن موشن" الذي ناقشني وأنا حاطه "ريل على ريل" في مهدي الوفير عن استحالة الاستجابة لطلب "هيئة تفليع الاتصالات" بإيقاف خدمة “بلاك بيري ماسنجر” و "بوش تو توك" نظراً لارتباطها بحزمة خدمات متكاملة تقدمها الشركة، موضحةً أنه في حال أصرت هيئة الاتصالات على طلبها، فإن الشركة ستضطر إلى إيقاف كامل خدمة “بلاك بيري”..أيامها كان اتصالي بالعالم محدود فيا ترى ماذا ستكون ردة فعلهم الآن بعد عن استغنيت عنها نهائيا...في أوج تطور قطاع الاتصالات في العالم...

المهم..ان الخدمة توقفت لأكثر من عشربن سنة بحجج واهيه اختلقتها لشركة ريسيرتش ان موشن كرد للجميل وعرفان للمحبة والصداقة التي تربط الطرفين منذ أن "وعيت على الدنيا"..حجج منها: "التقليل من حوادث المرور" و "سد الذرائع عن شريحة الشباب في المجتمع" وأيضا "التقليل من آثار الاحتباس الحراري وتغير المناخ"..الكثير يظن أن هذه مواضيع حديثة على الساحة ولكن الحقيقة بخلاف ذلك...!

لم أتخيل اطلاقا ان يوم كهذا سيأتي...اعلن ندمي وتوبتي عن العشرين سنة من عمري التي "ضيعتها" أسيرة لبريق البلاك بيري الوهاج

Till next time

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still whining?

The pics above are so expressive, I have no comments other than to say:

الحمدلله رب العالمين

Friday, April 16, 2010

Faith in Wonderland

I had a very lovely dream yesterday night - I think am still under the effect of Alice in Wonderland movie recently produced by Diseny. So, I was wearing a black dress and following a rabbit, and ended up in a forest full of electric blue butterflies, they covered my dress [I still can't get over the dress]

1. This is the cover of the original book:

2. Alice is widely assumed to be based on the daughter of a family friend of the author, Lewis Carrol. This is the real Alice:

3. Lewis Carroll was suffering from constant migraine attacks [reminds you of someone? :p]. A syndrome called "Alice in wonderland syndrome" was names after him. This syndrome causes certain hallucinations associated to migraine. He had used his own migraine experiences as a source of inspiration for his two books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass (1871).

This is Caroll:

4. One of the funniest parts of the story is The Mad Tea Party. I have been using the term "unbirthday" as a joke...I think we really need to celebrate every UNBIRTHDAY in our life :p. From Wikipedia

An unbirthday (originally written un-birthday) is an event that can be celebrated on any day that is not the person's birthday. It is a neologism coined by Lewis Carroll, giving rise to "The Unbirthday Song" in the 1951.

The Unbirthday Song:

A very merry unbirthday
To me
To who?
To me
Oh, you

Let's all congratulate us with another cup of tea
A very merry unbirthday to me

Now blow the candle out, my dear
And make your wish come true
A very merry unbirthday to youuuu!!

Last but not least, a very merry Unbirthday to you dear me and dear readers.
Till next time!