Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates: Beautiful Weather

Dear Me,

Oh man. The last three days were like a dream come true. The weather was and still is so fantastic!!

Anyways.. all this beautiful weather is making me temporarly happy.. oh well.. I donno.. I've been having weird dreams lately. Of nothing really.. or nothing I can relate to currently with my life. I think it is cuz my stomach hurted last night and I didn’t feel like getting up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom.. I think that’s why I get weird dreams..xD

Here are more photos of what I call "Khareef Muscat"!

Special thanks to my baby Canon for taking these marvelous shots!
And special thanks to Mr. Tony for teaching me this new word "Marvelous", which is a good addition to my vocab xD.


G-chan said...

Hope you're feeling better 7abibti. Damn those weird dreams. I always get weird dreams even when I am alright. They disturb me and make me think about them all day.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts. I'm really glad that it's raining there. I won't have to worry about missing the rain in NZ =D

Those shots are beautiful!!! You're getting good at this aren't you!!! Keep it up!!!


Qais said...

Fantastic Weather..
with Bad Stomach (salamat)..
equals zero :D

well, i really tried to got "COLD" under that weather but i couldnt!!

i wanted to make a mark for it :)
CrAzY ha :D

i liked "Khareef Muscat" ;)

Ayna said...

Awesome shots!

Amarant said...

i loved the 3rd shot!!!!

7osh baitkum hatha? :P

im loving the weather as well, good to see the temp under 20 in the morning ;)