Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Khawatir 5 - Ramadan Kareem

Few years back I was wondering what's the point of having hundreds of new shows during Ramadan that are useless, inappropriate to watch, and even more, a plain waste of time!

And...why do the number of these show increase crazily ONLY during the holy month of Ramadan?

(Ahmed Al Shugairi, the source of the picture)

Fortunately I'm not alone in my concern. Unfortunately we lacked a voice. Thank god for Ahmad Al Shugairi, host of the highly successful program Khawatir (Thoughts) which promotes public awareness about the values of Islam as opposed to just the rituals. Mr. Al Shugairi has successfully managed to prepare and host the fifth season of this show. Although it's a short show "it lasts for almost 10 minutes", but I'm really glad that it actually exists!! A 10-minutes-dose of Khawatir is making our Ramadan :)

(Khawatir theme song by Homoud Al Khedher - DOWNLOAD LINK)

What's special and different about this season is that all episodes were filmed in Japan. The aim behind that is to highlight the various positive aspects of the Japanese society in general. I was personally amazed by how polite, organized, creative and innovative are the people of Japan.
I'll leave that to you dear reader to decide. It's a must see in short!

Ramadan Kareem dear readers. May Allah grant you mercy, prosper and forgiveness during these holy days :)


Sam said...

Ramadhan Mubarak dear,
I love this show and I never miss it!!
Nice blog ;)

STING said...

You know my thoughts about the show, I think I told you about it the first time few years back, no?

Only if we have 5 government officials like him in every Muslim country :p

FAITH said...


Ramadan Mubarak to you too. We are approaching the end of the month now :(


Yah but I know the show since it started, and I was following Al Shugairi since "Yalla Shabab" days :D

Thanks dear