Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why I deactivated my facebook account?

Dear Me, dear readers, dear so called Facebook "friends",

Over the past 17 hours since I deactivated my Facebook account, I have had dozens of emails and few text messages asking me why I left the service so abruptly specially at my birthday night. To most of those inquiries, I say that I am suffering from Facebook fatigue.

I've been spending "or say wasting" a good number of hours every week on this social networking site.

I’ll agree that part of this is my fault for having too many contacts on the site, and especially for having too many contacts that aren’t savvy enough to realize that most of these silly applications are a huge waste of my time. That being said, I don’t have the time to deal with requests I don’t care about from people I barely speak to anymore. And when I’m spending more time declining requests than I am doing more productive things on the site, then you know I’m in over my head. It’s like email all over again.

Return on investment is a concept I learnt back in college days, it is incredibly important in all aspects of life I should say, so why not in social networking applications? And why the hell would I accept the tens of friendship requests from random people I barely know.

Yes, I love Mafia movies, but no I don’t want to be part of them. Yes, I like hot chocolates, but no I don’t want a virtual one. Yes, I’d love to cook and have my own restaurant/cafe - but not online. I know I have a big brain, so what's the deal?
I suck in Geography so why humiliating myself in public? :p

Those who I care about and who are really in my life will remain the same, as for the rest, am sorry...facebook is no more my cup of tea

Thanks & Regards,


STING said...

LoL, a good move. I will follow you soon. But you can hide yourself from public, that way nobody will be able to send you friend requests. Only you add whoever you want.

um3azzan said...

Well ofcourse you are entitled to your own opinion .. but I dont beleive in complete cut-off of anything.
Each social network have its advantage and disadvantage. We should learn to self control. I gained a lot from FB and re-connected with many friends. Plus, lets face it .. we are neighbors and we know each other's news from FB. At least, it makes us closer.

Yes, it has its disadvantages and yes we need to control what to say and not say and what to play and not to play. That what we should do, not refuse a technology.

G-chan said...

Aaaw just when I joined =(
Well that's okay cos I'm keeping my distance anyway since I find that there are other ways to keep in touch with those that are close. I actually wanted to quit it too because it was over polluting my inbox with things that I don't even know what they mean or things that possible have nothing to do with me - like someone commenting on someone else status xD huh?

Anywho, I agree with Sting...there is THAT feature anyways which is something good about FB.

Off-topic: I'm still hunting for a phone and as soon as I get one (hopefully by tonight) I will be contacting you immediately...don't think I've forgotten about you okay! I really can't wait to see you!! :*

Happy Birthday 7abibti!

Nadia said...

I've been on Facebook for 3 years and only have 61 friends. Selected people whom I need to stay in contact with but don't have time to write emails to. I do not play games or quizes or any of that stuff. I just follow up on their status updates, photos, and send them messages from time to time. Facebook is a blessing, ESPECIALLY if you have family and friends who live in other countries. It's an amazing service. You just have to know how to control what you do on it. I spent ten minutes on facebook every morning checking up on my family and friends, then that's it.

If I had no purpose in life, I could easily spend 5 or 6 hours a day on it. But life is too short for things like that.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but life is how you make it. You control what you do, and you control what affects you. Just make sure you don't lose touch with the people you had on Facebook.

FAITH said...


Welcome to the team. I might consider coming back to FB after a while though..


Of course I know how useful facebook was to me, specially in communicating with my friends including yourself and your sisters. There isn't something wrong with this technology, it's just the way I responded to it as I mentioned in my post. It was 80% my mistake. I will just stay away for a while for now and see how it goes..


We will always stay in touch, as we are doing now...So 3ade :)


"You control what you do, and you control what affects you"

Exactly and that's what am doing now :)

Amarant said...

just like others said, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

and if you feel it's taking too much of your time then i support your decision.

lol i was thinking yesterday and i thought you were only busy =P

FAITH said...


Yah I'm only busy with improving the quality of my blog :p

I truly miss facebook though :)