Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December in Oman~

1. HM is visiting SQU on Saturday :O. I have no idea why this piece of news is being kept low profile as nothing has been announced officially in this regard. The faculty members of SQU have already announced it to the students though. HM is going to meet with the students and faculty members and admins of the university in the new auditorium of the new cultural center in SQU. Can't wait to hear the speech!

"We are proud of this university; and more than that, we are proud of you in Oman and elsewhere" - HM the Sultan in his earlier visit to SQU back in May 2000.

Turned out that HM is visiting SQU to inaugurate the new cultural center, below is the invitation card!

2. The Fireworks Championship is still running, and it's been great so far although I haven't been very close to the place the fireworks launch from...However, the last two shows will be held on the 15th and 17th of December. Enjoy them while you can ;)!

3. Athletes from all around the world are participating in the 2nd Asian Beach Games in Oman; in the one-million square meters Al-Musannah Sports City. Has anyone been there?

4. A very-very local news: my brazar is on za way! 26 hours left SHARP! I can't wait and missing you terribly :(

Till Next Time <3


Ahmed said...

This story is posted in Support Nobel Peace Prize for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said-Thanks
Mn Galb Galbi

Ami said...

Its the most happening place yet quiet peaceful and the mountains plains palms springs and oceans contribute to highest spirituality!!!I love Oman and more than all I love......

FAITH said...

Thaanks Ami, one of the sweetest comments i've ever recieved in this blog <3