Thursday, November 10, 2011

[HBBC] First Impression

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It's been proven by some psychologists that when you meet somebody for the first time, our first impression is formed within 20 seconds. And when we say a first impression it usually means a lasting impression. Your whole idea and judgment about someone just by a quick head-to-toe look gets formed in 20 SECONDS only! Does that sound fair to you? Hmm…I really believe that we human beings are quite weird creatures and our brains -- this three pound mass of tissue, about 2% of our total body weight, which we carry at the top of our heads, embrace a tremendous amount of wonders, miracles & things that we can't fully understand.

Back to the main topic; first impression. I think I mentioned this before but thinking about it every time makes me wonder what do I meet the people (and go through the whole 20 seconds thingie) when I'm at my worst possible shape? This is yet another wonder that my 3 pound heap of tissue can't seem to understand :p

That's it from my side this time. And sorry I skipped a couple of HBBC topics J


سمــا Samaa said...

I tend to form a wrong first impression... so I never base my judgement on them. I do however keep them in my mind and always mention them later to the people when I get to know them better! I liked the topic!!

Aya adel said...

I know ,right?!
It is totally unfair to me.
Yet I judge people in seconds maybe less than 20 sec kaman!
also people are judging me within those few seconds, most my given first impressions ( the one I give to people) are actually horrible.
So that gave me a sort of flexibility towards people so I intend to change my opinions about others so damn fast hoping they would do the same thing..
Nice article , liked it ;)

FAITH said...

Dearest awesome blogger Sama,

I salute you! <3 It takes so much effort to control/monitor your initial impressions and judgement on people. : )


Lol I think I'm no better than you. Not sure if I tend to change my opinion about people so fast though. I hate that I'm right most of the time :p

Aya adel said...

Nah, U are right cause you want to be right,
So You see all the events supporting you, It happens to me too!
But I keep myself objective (most of the time) , I mean I'm not a saint :P...I liked the topic awi!

Knee said...

20 second? Wth! awel marra a3rf!! :D thanks for the info girl :D

FAITH said...

Thanks once again Aya. And lol at "I'm not saint" ;p

You're most welcome lade Knee ;*