Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lack of originality in advertising?

Criticism is often presented as something unpleasant, but it need not be. It could be friendly criticism, amicably discussed. My aim out of writing this little blog update is solely to share an opinion that could be taken as a constructive feedback. Nothing more or less.

Before I start writing anything, lets just have a look at these two banners of two different charity/social responsibility campaigns (they both took place in less than a year time). Two different organizers, both are (or were?) non-profit organizations. Well done to both!

Youth Vision: The Biggest Giving Competition
Dar Al Atta'a: The Grand Giving Competition
But have you noticed anything weird? Yes, almost the same name! And to my knowledge and based on my little working experience with Youth Vision رؤية الشباب their campaign came first.  Add to that, the concept of the two campaigns is the same!

I agree and admit that it's a very subjective matter, but why is it that we lack originality in advertising (and concepts, in this case) in this part of the world? Do you think that as long as it's for a good cause such duplicities should be overlooked? I’ll open the floor for any comments, dear readers, before I state my very personal opinion.

P.S. I love Dar Al Atta'a for all the TREMENDOUS work they have been doing in Oman ever since they started in 2006. This topic or this blog entry as a whole has nothing to do with my feelings towards them.


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Noor said...

i agree. NGOs should be as creative as possible because their noble causes need all the publicity they can get. and people are attracted by creative/new/original campaigns.