Friday, February 14, 2014

On philosophy..

(Socrates posing for the sculptor before posing was cool)

I'm not really sure if what I'm about to say (or type!) is by any chance new to you all; but I guess what philosophy is really all about sharing the very essence of things or situations without dwelling in the details of the event that initially formed the thought. I think what Socrates & co. really did was merely getting in touch with their inner-selves quite often. They gave the world their finest of thought and realizations. I love to believe that they didn't need to bore people with the details of how they came up with that philosophical thought. People loved the sound of what they said and so they came up with a fancy title to honor the people behind the thought and called them "philosophers".

So anyways, here's my philosophical thought of the day:

When you are a seeker, you eventually realize that all your searching leads you to the same place. That the answers you need are, quite frankly, within. On another note, I believe that our souls are on a journey, and that our bodies are just vessels.

Now philosophy isn't that difficult, huh? :)
I can almost hear someone suggesting I read this.

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