Thursday, October 16, 2008

The bird left its nest...

Dear me,

Yesterday was an emotional day after a very busy week.
I won't say much so that no one would accuse me of over-doing it or getting over-emotional, anyhow, here are some of what has been written by my brotehr's best friends which brought tears into my eyes:

- "we going to miss u ****............i cant stop my tears" - cousin

- "I never thought this day will actually come.. :'(
I'm deeply sad & happy at the same time cuz ur living ur dream =)
I'm going to miss u, the house will be dull without u.. our outings will miss the special taste that u've always added.. =(

luv u bro =(

ur the best =)" - sister

And here what I'm going to say:
The much I feel really sad for your absence the much I really feel so happy for you 'cause you made your dream true, and 'cause you worked so hard to achieve your goal.
I'm so proud of you and just wanted to show you how much you are gonna be missed and how many people are waiting for you and wishing you always-always the best of luck.

May god bless you bro.

Faith :)


G-chan said...


It's all good! Allah Yewafqo inshallah. Wa yeroo7 wa yerja3 bilsalamah inshallah!!

Wa ad3ee elkum, his dear family to have patients!



Amarant said...

yroo7 oo yerja3 bel salamah =D

and i totally know how u feel ...

sensation said...

Yroo7 w yerd bil salamah and best of luck to him and me! :D

well, you know! :p

FAITH said...

G-chan, Amarant & sensation

Thanks a lot guys. Allah yesalmkum ya rab =)