Friday, November 21, 2008

An amazing day at work

Dear me,

Wednesday, the 19th of November was an extraordinary day at work. We had 2 business visits, the first one was to a museum owned by the owner and founder of the company and the second visit was to a hotel under the group I'm working for.

The museum visit:
It went well, the place was so organized and the collections they have are really amazing. There were lots of swords, weapons, guns, clothes, old home furniture pieces, art crafts and photographs.

The hotel visit:
1. We were received at the hotel reception by the senior staff; GMs and senior supervisors in the hotel.
2. We had a tour in the various wings and rooms of the hotel.
3. We were invited by the HR manager to have lunch in a classy restaurant within the hotel.

After the lunch, the HR manager said that the lunch we had wasn't for free and that the coming two activities they're preparing for us will burn all food inside our tummies. I personally thought she was kidding or just overrating things…
Outside the restaurant, we had a standing meeting for 10 minutes to introduce the coming activities we're going to have…

"The coming activity needs a serious physical effort from you guys, we asked you to wear a casual or kinda sporty outfit 'cause you really have to work hard and use all your energy in it" the HR manager said.
"As you all know, our hotel is a real big hotel and we receive ~500 guests everyday in this restaurant. We have to make sure the disposal and garbage is being managed wisely in order to avoid harming the environment" she added.

At that point we got seriously SHOCKED; some went like "WHAT THE HECK" while the rest regret having the lunch in the first place! :p

So we were taken to the garbage containers area, and we were asked to split the garbage from the big containers into the recycling bins "paper, glass, aluminum, dry garbage and wet garbage bins". After that we were supposed to wash the ground of that area and make sure the place is clean and hygienic.

I had never imagined myself doing something like that. It wasn't funny at all and I was actually about to faint and vomit since we started working. 45 minutes passed like 45 years…I can honestly say that I so don't wanna go there again xD

Anyways, that was the first activity. We had a 10 minutes break for prayers and refreshments.

The second task was for another 45 minutes and damn! It was in the laundry section. We were asked to open 50 laundry bags and split their components into different huge containers for pillow sheets, bed sheets, floor mats, towels, shower robes and dining napkins.

So yeah, they weren't an easy activities and till this day I have my muscles hurting me very bad. I will never forget this day and whenever I face any kind of difficulty in my career I'd always remember that I was under a worst situation before and whatever else is a piece of cake and totally NOTHING ;)


G-chan said...

Always inshallah!!


Amarant said...


i cant believe they made you do that !!!

damn i cant imagine the shock we were all in xD

but im glad you went through it...

keep up the good work and good luck! (thumbs up)

FAITH said...

G-chan: Ameen ya rab =D

Amarant: I was in shock myself, and whenever I see the pics and videos I laugh my head off.
Thanks =D