Thursday, November 6, 2008

nwod edispu - upside down


Says who everything should be in order?

wear your socks over your head, wear your sun shades at night, why not having a breakfast for dinner..oh wait why don't you take a shower in the kitchen? :D

Change the order of your bedroom, sleep on the blanket and cover yourself with your mattress xD...Start seeing familiar things in unfamiliar way..No one is gonna hit you or punish you for breaking the rules. Go NWOD EDISPU (UPSIDE DOWN)!

Dear me,


Meteor said...

LOL what a nice blog>>> so inspiring ;)

this is what i sometimes do and i really enjoy it and enjoy the wierd stares i get XD

Amarant said...


haha the dinner/breakfast thing is ok, but the others are kinda hard to do (specially the shower in the kitchen) xD

FAITH said...

Meteor >> I'm not the only one who's gone nuts then :p

Amarant >> Try out the dinner/breakfast thingie and let me know how it goes ;)