Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toyoor Al Jannah in our house!

Dear me,

Have you ever heard of Toyoor Al Jannah channel? "Birds of heaven"

Its invasion started and dominated almost all family houses like 1 year back or maybe more. My little sister doesn’t watch any cartoons anymore. We have Toyoor Al Janna on 24/7 in the living room! It’s getting on my nerves! I couldn’t believe how much kids are into it till we gather last Eid and saw all kids of the family singing their songs; they even do memorize the lyrics off by heart


1. “يا بابا اسناني واوا وديني عند الطبيب...ما عاد بدي شوكلاته بس بدي اشرب الحليب...السوسة نخرت باسناني”

2. "عصومي ووليد مرة راحوا ع بيت الجيران..."

3. "انا البندورة الحمرا ... مزروعه بين الخضرة
تاكل مني ما تشبع...وتصير خدودي حمرااااا"

OMG :S I memorize the above lyrics off by heart…


1. My older brother told me about his 3 years son and how is he acting like the kids on one of the songs by hiding things under his shirt “in 3a9oomi wa waleed music video”!! WTH!

2. My little sister starts wearing a scarf in order to look like the girl in “ya benti ma a7laki” song….ok, at least that is one good thing about it!

Anyhow, I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s weird how kids got addicted to it.

Last but not least, I dedicate the following song to all readers:


Meteor said...

well in some age children start getting addicted to something they like and believe me they being addicted to this channel and these songs better than many other things children get addicted to these days. and this addiction lasts for a while and the disappear

btw i ROFLed when saw the video clip of 3asoomi o waleed LOL

Sam said...

God! I hate nothing more than this channel.. I'm not a tv person but I think I've watched by now all the music videos of this channel =p

I agree with meteor and I really appreciate all what this channel offers of free help for us, babysitters!! A song of these songs is good enough to shut my baby nephew up when he cries! xD

G-chan said...

ROFL!! This entry made me laugh.
I've never heard of this channel but from what you've written I think I'd find it annoying xD

G-chan said...

OMG! I just got back from a arabic gathering and all of the omani girls started singing this first song the "teeth" one xD

FAITH said...

Meteor: I can't agree more, it's better than watching stupid cartoons for instance

Sama: LoL yah xD! It's a free babay sitter, 24/7 non stop service :p

G-Chan: LoL they can't beat me, trust me xD

Muggle said...

LOL this made me laugh :P. THANK GOD my little brother and sister don't know about this. At least, I don't think they do XD.