Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger..

After they complained that my blog was dying it was time to get down to some serious writing.. ^_^

I remember the last few weeks, all what I went through in life and work.
Many things keep on happening to us that are proving to us day by day that despite the big number of failures, we will win at the end in a way or another..

Failure is good. I can't win every day. I probably haven't won in a long time. That's what makes every little success in life so amazingly special. That also why I revel in the company of those who I love; even if they aren't around me. Sometimes hearing a long distance voice is enough to lift the most depressed spirits. Success is relative..

I fell down many times, did many mistakes, tore out, and in the end I learned from them...I treasure the sense of achievement afterward notwithstanding the pain in my soul and mind..

What doesn't kill you, will ONLY make you STRONGER & STRONGER ;)

Last word,

~I think I need a new town,
to leave this all behind...
I think I need a sunrise,
I'm tired of the sunset
Where no one knows my name...~


STING said...

Maybe it can make you sick :p?

FAITH said...

In what way? :S

G-chan said...

Will I hope you're back on track!
Don't want you to be in such a tough situation. Bes we take everything as some kind of experience/lesson...so embrace it =)


FAITH said...

G-chan, I'm fine dear.
It's normal for us -human beings- to go through such situations from a time to another

sensation said...

Salamat Datang
You are fine :)

Amarant said...

agree with what you said.

never regret the bad things that happen to you, cuz they are experiences you gather, and they made you who you are now, a great person ;)

that's the way i see it ...

FAITH said...

Sensation: Allah yesalmak! :)

AMARANT: Exactly, that's how I started seeing thing like.
I remembered some great 7adeeth by our prophet PBUH "عجبا لأمر المؤمن, كله له خير, فإن صابته سراء شكر فكان حيرا له..وإن اصابته ضراء..صبر فكان خيرا له"


Nadia said...

I like this post. A little late to be commenting, but I like it anyway. Keep writing. Have you been to Malaysia? (I noticed the Salamant Datang!)