Monday, July 20, 2009

My Personal Theory!

Dear Me...Dear Readers

The close friends of mine definitely know about my theory in life "Leave the future for the future"..

I used to think about the future WAY too much to ever stop; what I'm going to be/do in the future...What the future is going to be like? Will I be able to do so and so....etc etc
The whole thing used to freak me out to the extent that I had many sleepless nights thinking it over and over in my head. But gladly, I don't think about it that way now...not anymore!!

I recently started thinking about the future in the following way:

The future is such a grand mystery, and we shall take pleasure in trying to figure out parts of that mystery, or at least have a basic plan for our lives. But I basically plan too much to leave the future in and for the future!

How is this theory going to make your life easy?

It makes the way you look at life very simple...things are going to be so flexible. We may be lucky enough to achieve whatever goals we have in mind, do the things we long to do...but just in case they don't come true, you won't feel sad and you won't regret anything...

In short,

Give yourself the appreciation and love you deserve...Like the people you want, live your life the way you want...don't wait for others to do that for you!
I can now appreciate actions and words in the moment they are said, rather than look back on them with more fondness and regret. Things will happen the way they will, regardless of what you try to do to stop them. One day at a time. You can do this. And chances do not come twice in a life time.

Just do what you want. Have no regrets! live life the way you want! and trust me..
it’s so worth it! :)

Faith ;)


Sam said...

You go girl, i like that!! live the future for the future =)

FAITH said...

Thank Sama ;)