Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here I am!

Nothing beats having a weekend after a busy and stressful week. Thanks god I passed the mid of year review successfully, I got a real good review/feedbacks from my manager. It feels really great when your boss thinks that he's happy to hire you and happy of your work and actually thinks that you are making a difference in the company.

Anyhow, I'm here to catch up with you dear readers of what I have been into lately:

1. A family member shared this piece of news with me:
A group of students in a Kuwaiti high school came up with a Kuwaiti version of Monopoly called "Al Dallal - الدلال" = The broker
This group managed to get many big companies in Kuwait to sponsor their project and they have the logos of these companies in their game. This islamized/Arabized version of the famous international game "Monopoly" aims at spreading the awareness of fair trading, social solidarity, Islamic Banking, circulation of wealth "Zakat" within the Islamic laws limitations..

Very impressive and innovative..!

2. You don't feel the importance of a person till she/he's a way! My little sister hasn't been home for almost 2 weeks now. I miss her so much and I feel sorry for all the times she tries to talk/play with me and I wasn't in the mood to spend some time with her...and simply ignored you. How evil!! :@
I sent her yesterday - a game she so desperately wanted...So she called me today morning thanking me for the gift...and she ended the phone call saying "I love you"... :'(
She's annoying and everything, but I surly love her :)

3. Now reading: تاريخ الأندلس المصور -The History of Andalusia

After publishing the successful book called "Palestine Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow", Dr. Swaidan is back with another interesting book about the history of Andalusia. Seems interesting and it's full of pics od the places, castles, old documents et al that make the book even more interesting to read..

That's pretty much all..



STING said...

Why don't you be a nice girl and get me a box of Al Dallaal? I bet I can beat you in it. Ok fine, lets play Monopoly, if I win, you get me Al Dallaal :p

FAITH said...

You mean the other way around, I'm gonna win and you'll get me Al Dallal :P

Amarant said...

i want that Dallal game!

and it's great you have been aknowledged for your hard work, you deserve it ;)

glad to know things are going well with you

FAITH said...

Thanks Amarant :)

Hope all is ok with you. Long time!

um3azzan said...

I want al dalal game too! I am big fan of monopoly so I guess I would enjoy this too!

FAITH said...

I'm trying to find a way to order one, Um Azzan

I seriously can't wait till I get myself one :p