Sunday, September 13, 2009

My childhood

This post is dedicated to you dear readers on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr Al Mubarak :p

Random stories from my childhood.

I've gone through an incredible childhood with an unsurpassable love for adventures. I was surrounded by a big family; many siblings mashallah.

1. My brother, made up a story from his mind and managed to convince my other siblings that I was born to be a witch. And that he once saw me trying to ride a broom and that he replaced my broom with a broken I fell on our neighbor's roof. For +3 years, my younger used to believe it's true!

2. I once joined my male cousins and male siblings in building a room using some cement blocks. It took us around 3 days. We bought some candles and decided to sleep over at our new room. It was located in a valley "see7" infront of my uncle's house. We struggled in covering the roof, so my brother suggested that we use my uncle's Bisht for this purpose. And so we did!! Few minutes after covering the roof with the poor Bisht, my uncle caught us and asked an Indian worker to demolish the room :'(

3. I seriously can't recall how our house used to look like from the inside :p

4. When I was 11, and in that specific year, my mom was checking my closet. She couldn't find a single pant that wasn't torn out at the knee, and there was no way she can patch them! Thanks to Ammar's bicycle "my childhood friend and neighbor"

To be continued...


Sam said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL at the closet thing, we both lived those memories but i find it hard to stop laughing hahaha!!
you should've talked about school memories too!! XD!

FAITH said...

School memories?

Thanks, but NO thanks :p

I had the worst memories @ school. Remember I was a bullied kid and no am not totally healed :(