Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open your arms for change...

I've been asked by many readers to UPDATE MY BLOG ALREADY :P

Anyways, I've been lately fascinated and concerned of following the huge number of Omani Blogs online both in Arabic & English. It is quite frustrating to see how some people are misunderstanding the meaning of "freedom of speech" term. They really misunderstand it and it IS sad!

I wished if I took pics of myself reading some disturbing blogs of some "so called" Omani Intellectuals who never hesitated or felt ashamed of using the crappiest words ever -not to mention swearing - in all languages you can imagine; I was so :O!! I still can't stop my never ending why's, how's, what's and why's again :O and huh's when I think about it..!

Having an online blog doesn't allow anyone to cross their limits, claiming that it's their right to express their views freely. They seriously have severe problems in understanding what "freedom of speech" is and how to accept the change in a positive manner...

A final note: open your arms for change...but never let go of your values

May Allah allow us to see the truth as truth and give us the strength to follow it, and the falsehood as falsehood and give us the strength to stay away from it.


Kitten said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging, just added you on my blog roll.

I agree, and I think they should learn how to differentiate between the two.

FAITH said...

Thanks Kitten, am checking your blog too.


G-chan said...

It's all because of the idea they have, that on the internet no one knows who they are so it's okay to cross the limits.

Sad isn't it!

Arabian Princess said...

The problem is that people KNOW who they are!!
The other day was sitting with my brothers in law and we were discussing them and how misguided they are!!

FAITH said...


It SO is sad!

That's what I call double standards. Having two different personalities, one online and another in real.


LoL exactly, people know who they are... and worst, some of them have their names up in their blogs.