Thursday, October 15, 2009

:) & :S

Dear Me - Dear Readers,

It took me a while before deciding on what shall I blog about?
I have been blogging a lot about my personal thoughts recently, and just before writing this line I was like "who on earth would be interested in reading my thoughts - but oh well, I guess that's what blogging is all about :)

Do you remember when I once blogged about how messy are the thoughts in my head? That's how I exactly feel right now. I had a crazy week *literally*.
I seriously need a break to reorganize my life and my thoughts.

Random thoughts:

1. Is it normal to feel uncomfortable about things and you keep on hiding it just 'cause don't wanna hurt anyone?
2. I don't really want to spend the rest of my life working *for someone*! Is that normal too? Isn't it stupid to waste the energy and creativity you have in such a young age by working for others?
3. I strongly believe that I have the greatest mom on the face of earth. She proved - and still is proving that to me every single day :)
4. Isn't it an aweful feeling when you fail on changing something you always longed to change? You always dreamed to change? Am I missing something here?
5. I better go to bed now. Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!


Kitten said...

That sure is a random post. And you got that right about that's what blogging is all about, after all.

Keep updating ;)

Nadia said...

Join the 'Random Post' club!!! (See my last post)..

Just stay true to yourself and do what 'YOU' feel is right. If you're uncomfortable about something, then change it or talk about it, don't hide it inside. Be strong.

If you don't like working for others, make a plan, take your time, and do something you want to do. Why not? It's your life. Stay true to yourself. Be strong. Life is too short to waste it worrying about what you didn't do or what you're afraid to do. Just go and do it.

FAITH said...


Thanks dear. Will do ;)

Keep on visiting yah? :D

FAITH said...


Now that's so motivating :D

I think I'll just go ahead and do what sounds right to me :)

Thanks girl. Keep visiting my blog :)

thoughtreservoir said...

Heyy Faith, Long time no see, in the virtual world AND in the real world!
Have a peek through your window, see if all 3 cars are there, call and let us meet wlaw filshaari3 ;)

Point no.3 is very very true! She is MASHALLAH :)


FAITH said...


Thanks dear, I can say the same about your mom; mashallah :)

I always check if your car is parking infront of your family's house, well, I'm used to that even before you get married :P shhsh don't tell no one ;)

Txt me when you're around and we'll meet. Take care :)