Sunday, October 18, 2009

Children's song!

لا تنسى أبدا ذكر الله -Don't forget to remember Allah; is the name of a children' song I'm currently into. It's been aired on Toyor Al Jannah channel "check my blog about Toyor Al Jannah Channel here" since Ramadan. The song's lyrics are just too simple yet meaningful and cute!

Last Eid we had a family party for the kids and I performed this song with my little cousin Dana. The kids went all crazy singing it loudly and jumping all around the place...little monkeys lol; good times indeed!!

I love this line from the song's lyrics the most- :D يذوبـــني!!

إن كنت بسوق
أو كنت تسوق
أو مسك سوء
قل يا الله!!

Will leave you with the song.

So what do you think? Isn't it just cute?!
Good to see some innocence in stuff presented to kids through the media. TV channels suffer from lack of innocence. Don't you agree? ;)


Kitten said...

For a while, Toyoor elJanna's channel dominated our house, you could hear the nasheeds playing constantly that everyone memorized each and every word. (Including the housemaid)

At that amount of time, my younger siblings weren't visiting their old channels; Disney, MBC3 and such. It made me feel proud somehow, that at least there's an Arabian channel which keeps the kids interest for a change instead of the European/American ones.

And since they've changed their satellite-related waves we no longer have it, and I'll be honest and say that I've missed it epically.

Haven't heard this nasheed yet. Will do when I get my headphones.

Thanks for sharing. 'Lamma nestashed' & '3eyooni teshta8 elloh' are my favourites.

Amarant said...

Toyor al jannah is da bomb!!

the kids in our family love it. and it puts a smile in my face cause they kinda stopped singing nancy 3ajram and ka'9em al saher songs -__-

FAITH said...


It's dominating your house? Welcome to the team. It's on almost 24/7 here, especially on weekends x)

Thanks for your comment dear. Keep visiting ;)

FAITH said...


It really is! LoL!

I don't like it when kids listen to nancy o whatnot too..

Thanks for passing by