Friday, March 25, 2011

Talking back to the world through poetry!

Few days back, the amazing Kitten sent me a text message with a line from a famous Arabic poem and asked me if I know the answer…I replied with the second line from that poem..and an answer from my own poetry

The conversation:

Kitten: You may have heard this before but I thought to share it anyways:

مالي أرى الشمع يبكي في مواقده

من حرقة النار، أم من فرقة العسل


البيت التالي: من لم تُجانسه احذر أن تُجالسة

ما ضرَ بالشمعِ إلا صُحبة الفتلِ

وجوابي: ما ذاب شَمعي إلا لنورٍ كُنت أهديه

مَلَكَ الظلامُ إذا يا دمعي لم تسلِ

And we started talking about poems and promised her that I would share more lines in my blog. Not that they are good…but I think I should give my first love (poetry) a little more attention in this web space.

I enjoy writing some random lines every now and then, and more, I enjoy translating Arabic poems into English..Just for the sake of sharing its beauty with the non-Arabic speakers out there.

Here's something I worked out today:

With A Newspaper – By Nazar Qabani

From his coat he took out his newspaper, and a box of matches

And without him noticing my confusion

And carelessly..he took the sugar infront of me

And he dissolved two cubes in his cup…dissolved me too

Two seconds later,

Without seeing me, and without noticing my passion

He took his coat, and disappeared in an utter crowd

Leaving his newspaper, lonely, just like me…lonely

Till Next Time! <3


Kitten said...

That was beautiful. Keep posting, I'm all ears (eyes, technically) to your updates.

FAITH said...

Will do :)
Thanks once again ;)