Friday, December 23, 2011

من "رسائل الأحزان"

اضغط على الصورة لرؤية أوضح


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

:(.Can not read it.

FAITH said...

Dear İzdihër,

I'll translate it to you soon :)

FAITH said...

It’s basically a philosophical quote that translates into:

Glory be to You, Oh whom “glory be to You” isn’t said for anyone else, but you. You created Man as a question of him, and created his soul as a question of him. And created both (Man and his soul) as a question about you. And as long as this creature is surrounded by nothing but anonymity, so is he surrounded by questions from every side. And so, there won’t be astonishment in knowing that some of these questions could answer each other.

By Mustafa Sadiq Al Rafie , from a book called “Letters of Grief”

هآلة ~ said...

أتمنى يوماً ما أن أقرأ لـ الرافعي بشغف !
خطُكِ جميل بالمناسبة =")

FAITH said...

جمال حرفه يسبب الإدمان..
وقد أعذر من أنذر

شكرا يا هالة :*

MISHER said...

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