Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Music Video] Keep Me True | يحلو الوصال

As'Salam Alaykum dear readers,

I'm back after a long blogging-break. And guess what? I'm back with a beautiful surprise to share; the new single and music video by the fabulous artist Humood AlKhudher!

Here are some of the lyrics:
I see Your light
five times everyday
melting my fears away
Oh when I pray
I hear the call
it led me to Your door
I want my heart to soar
to You my Lord
Oh God above
bless me with Your love
and keep me true
loving and praising You

Enjoy :)

P.S. It's in Arabic & English ;)


Omani Jewel said...

Welcome bACK... so where were u hiding .. nice blog btw.... also i will be emailing u ...

Salima Al Masrouri said...

Hi Omani Jewel,

Busy busy :)
Thanks a lot for reasing me.

You can email me at salima(dot)masrouri(at)gmail(dot)com

Peace :)!