Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let go & dare to live wholeheartedly..

1. Let go of what people think. 

2. Let go of perfectionism.
3. Let go of scarcity and fear of the dark.
4. Let go of the need for certainty.
5. Let go of comparison.
6. Let go of any pain in the past
7. Let go of the need to impress
8. Let go of attachments to people, things, event
9. Let go of stressing over things we can't change
10. Let go of people who make you nothing but worse

There are many on this list that I need to work on. 
Ever since childhood, I have defined myself by getting good grades, being very involved and achievement-oriented. Being the best in what I do best. While there are positives to this list, it also brings great pressure, fear of failure, and loss of some precious moments and everyday pleasures that make life sweet. 
What if all that mattered is that we dare to live authentically, to do what feels right for ourselves, sharing our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses?

We are all works in progress. How do you dare live wholeheartedly?

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