Friday, November 1, 2013

Those were the days..

Sweet ladies by Salima Al Masrouri
Sweet ladies, a photo by Salima Al Masrouri on Flickr.
Sigh. So much memories in this photo.

I can't believe how fast time flies. It somehow feels like it runs 200x faster when you watch a kid around you grow up. I mean, a couple of years ago they were maids of honor in my older sister's wedding and today they are two crazy and jolly teenagers..

I was browing through my ever-neglected Flickr account and was truly surprised by the HUGE changes that happened in there. Apparently Flicker went through an extreme makeover that probably started with hiring former Google executive two months back, and followed by acquiring LookFlow, the startup that rocked image recognition and image browsing on the web a week ago.

And whoho I was able to publish this blog entry right from Awesome, eh? :)

Via Flickr:
"1 soul in 2 bodies"

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