Wednesday, May 27, 2009

COMEX 2009, yet another disappintment

Dear me - Dear reader,

I went to check out COMEX 2009 yesterday after work with my sister..And guess what? It was a big disappointment!

We entered from the back entrance, where the shopping area is. I was expecting a better quality of the products available in the shopping section in terms of advanced technologies - or at least having the normal technology products at sort of competitive prices than the market...

The place was totally messed up, haven't seen any thing new...the place hasn't changed since last year's exhibition. Soo anyhow, we decided to keep walking towards the business section "or whatever they call it" seemed professional and it was somewho something I'd really want to check. But guess what? The security guy at the entrance stopped us saying "Excuse me ladies, this section is for businessmen only, you are not allowed in"... I went like "Come on, don't I look like one!"
So sadly, I walked away regretting the time I wasted driving all the way to the Oman International Exhibition Center in Seeb.

One the way out of the exhibition, I saw a huge poster of some IT teacher who offers free IT sessions to the kids btw. I dunno if anyone checked it out - although I doubt it 'cause the timings of the session aren't suitable for the student as it's starting at 11:00 am, where all students are in their schools..

I hope next year's exhibition won't be another disappointment like this year's.

My suggestion:

1. The business section should be open for those who are eager to check what're the latest IT solutions available in the market. Don't they say they want to spread IT awareness amongst people? And who knows, average people might be potential customers in the soon future
2. The shopping section should be more monitored and organized. Some people where there and whatever stuff they were offering for sale has nothing to do with IT (i.e. Music Audio cassettes - CDs".
3. The overall look of the exhibition should be more professional, especially the shopping section...It feels really like you're walking in 7amrya streets as my sister described that area :p

Wish them a better luck next time!



Nadia said...

Whoa. It does sound like a disappointment. I was planning to go (as I'll be coming up to Muscat soon to be interviewed for a Dutch visa. ARGH). Glad you saved me the trip of driving all the way to Seeb! I'm always weary of exhibitions at the OIEC because they always seem a little tacky. Forgive me if I'm being harsh, but I've been there five times and it has always been a disappointment, especially the book exhibition.

STING said...

I've always said the same about COMEX as a student and visitor. This year was the first time I participated as a exhibitor in the "business" section.

It is still disappointing. The shoppers section is like walking in Ruwi, with the exception with a couple of stalls and those Chinese selling massage products!

The business section is almost dead. Companies participate hoping for potential customers but they get nothing!

The Government E-Services section is decent and promising, but I feel it should have been put inside along with the business section, all open to visitors. The shoppers section should have been put in the tents outside.

This way, all would have been happy.

FAITH said...


The books exhibition was much much MUCH better, there's no way of comparison. At lease it served its main purpose "selling books to public", unlike COMEX.


I agree, the eGovernment section along with the business section should have been both open to visitors..

Amarant said...

well it's not a surprise, it's the same every year!

to be honest even Gitex in Dubai was a disappointment :/

anyway like you said, same products, same prices, nothing special -_-

but i got myself a monitor there :D

FAITH said...


I bet you would have got it from anywhere else with the exact same price and all.

I always thought that Gitex is the best in the region! :|