Saturday, May 16, 2009

My vacation's plan

Dear me,

They said that I'm going for a vacation, but I know, you’ll will miss me terribly, so I'm staying home. I'm saving myself all the hassle and staying HOME!

How to convince yourself that staying home is better:
# The best vacations can be at home, with the computer turned off and a good book to cozy up with.
# There is nothing like a relaxing 5 days at home to fix my sleeping schedule, it would certainly "well inshallah!" cure all my health problems ;p
# I'm not used to travel so it's not good to start developing this habit أخاف أتعود!

So yah, I promise you all to have a quality time blogging during my 1 week annual leave!

UPDATE: My one-week-leave plan got canceled for some reason.


Nadia said...

One Week Only?

STING said...

Annual one week leave, where do you work? In Guantanamo Bay?

Nadia said...

One week and you spend it blogging?? Girl, you are a SAD case. Get a life :-) What happened to the rest of your leave?

Nadia said...

I felt it necessary to inform you that I get 35 days Annual leave every year! :-P I love my life.

sensation said...

Don't listen to them, Faith
You are one lucky person :D

Anyway, if it was me, I can't imagine myself staying at home and not investing the time to travel around! I still didn't get enough of traveling, I have quite a long list to cover *-)

Enjoy your vacation and have fun reading :)

FAITH said...

Nadia, I had the option to take a longer summer vacation, but the fact that I'm not going anywhere changed the whole plan..

It's not a real annual leave :p..I just completed 3 months in my current job and I still am beginning to work on several projects that I can't leave undone for now..

As for blogging during my vacation, I enjoy doing this, in addition to may other activities...I have a life ;)

LoL I called it annual leave to make it sound more formal? :p

Well, not going anywhere outside Oman doesn't mean that I'm not going to have fun.
I have couple of plans, and I'll certainly make sure to make every minute counts ;)

OMG :S I'm talking a lot!

Nadia said...

Yes Faith, you are talking a lot. It's ok. Just make sure all this talk comes out as interesting and long posts that I can entertain myself with. :D

Have a great holiday and we're looking forward to reading more posts this week.

What are you reading?

Nadia said...

So where are all the posts you promised us?

FAITH said...

My holiday doesn't start yet ;)...
It'll start on 6th of July if all goes well...stay tuned ;)

Nadia said...

July 6th??? And you're telling us NOW? Dude, I'm taking annual leave starting June 28th and I'll be gone for one glorious month. You'll be receiving posts from a faaaaaaaraway land. But I'll continue blogging anyway I think. Jeez, we were anticipating exciting posts immediately from you. You TORTURED us.

FAITH said...

LoL, you do enjoy it dear.

I think my looong annual leave will be sometime during winter.

You HAVE to post new blogs no matter where you are, no matter how far ;)

Amarant said...

oh ya3ni galseen eh?? zain zain

can you give me some days from ur annual leave?? i "kinda" spent it all 1 month after i started working, so i have only 7 days left xD