Saturday, May 9, 2009

Me, myself and my migraine!

Dear me,

Yes, I have been suffering from severe migraines (since I was 12). But it's getting worse everyday. I do see little specs of light, and my head feels like it is going to rip from the inside and explode whenever I have this stupid headache!

I'm not writing this to complain, but just to send this message to my head: I'm tired an sick of you and I can't take this anymore! Go away already!

I am sick of arguing over the same stuff every time I go to see a doctor. Good lord, how in the world would a doctor send his/her patient to do an MRI scan in the first appointment? No blood test, no check ups whatsoever?! Bless you all dear doctors.

I don't wish that in anyone of you, dear readers.


G-chan said...

Salamat...that's pretty scary =(

I hope it goes away some day!

Nadia said...

I'm trying to decide whether migraines or allergies are worse. I guess migraines because it totally cripples you. What about allergies though? I've been taking medication since I was seven (i.e. for ... 16 years!) and without it I would go crazy. I can't be near dust, smoke, perfume, frankincense (yeah, in Salalah!), grass, etc, and I can't touch some things otherwise I swell up. And I can only eat about 25% of what the rest of mankind eats. Everything else causes a reaction. This is an 24/7 thing. SO, what's worse? I still think migraines

FAITH said...

G-chan: Thaaanks dear...Nope, nothing is scary at's just tiring!

Miss ya ^_^

Nadia: They are both bad, but I believe it's all about how you adjust yourself, your life to live with it and just move on...
Hope you get better soon inshallah, dear ;)

sensation said...

Well, i know how that feels. I had it for sometime? I really don't know what happened till now :p

I was seeing those specs of light and eventually i would get terrible headaches. The doctor told me that i have migraine and gave me the medicine (which i never used btw).
It just went away on its own. May be it was the final year project which was giving me a headache :p

Anyway, get well soon :)

FAITH said...


The thing is that I'm not under any kind of pressure - el 7amdellah

Thanks a lot ^_^

agaphone said...

poor thing!

but I can understand your physician. he must be wishing to exclude arachnoiditis.. that's why he asks you to do MRI. if you have constant headaches for more than 1 year it's the first thing on his mind.. so if I were you, I'd do it just to be on the safe side.

Get well soon.

Yours, Russo