Friday, June 12, 2009

How come no one told me?!

Dear Me - Dear Reader,

Update: Video was removed by me
I embraced the remote control yesterday afternoon and sat in front of the TV. I rarely watch TV, and if I do, I'd just check few limited channels repetitively, looking for interesting movies/documentaries or just watch the news.

I was bored yesterday afternoon that I decided to check other channels than my usual list. The result wasn't so pleasing. I was so shocked and astonished! Is that for real :|!
It was an Arabic Music channel, heard of it couple of times at work. I saw one music video, and said, “what the hell?” Then I saw another one, and said, “That’s it. You just ruined my respect towards modern Arabic music.

Can we seriously say that I am watching provocative videos and no musical talent at all? Is this what the music industry in the Arab world is turning to?
The music video was more or less like a porn video. I still can't believe that the singer is Muslim and actually has a Muslim name. I honestly felt so offended and ashamed!

And wait....How come no one told me that our so called Arab channels broadcast such stuff to individuals, families and the entire world! How come I didn's know about this before? :S

The only thing I thought about at that moment is to find out a way to get rid of that stupid channel and the other tens of similar channels that are feeding the poor minds with cheap stuff under the name of entertainment!

And wait, do kids watch those music videos? :S

PS: The channel's name is Melody.

The shocked me!


G-chan said...

As soon as she started singing, I stopped the vid. What the fudge!? This is EXACTLY why I don't listen to Arabic music, even though there are some good singers/songs out there...but people like her are what mess all things up. Someone please tell me what is good about her voice?! And what is with the video? Why does she look like Haifa, nancy and the rest of the bunch?! I swear I thought it was that haifa *gags*

Allah yehdeehum (the producers/singers/directors/so on)...even though they're very far away from that.

Nadia said...

Dearest Faith,

Welcome to the 'REAL world'. This is our sad Arab reality. I don't watch television either (NEVER, not even news). Arab music videos disgust me. They're pornographic, rediculous, and there's no music involved at all. In fact, I believe that if any of them reached the USA, they would be banned on MTV. If you watch Western music videos, they're by fat more respectable that our Arab ones. It's an embaressment to religion and culture. Then, the funniest thing is that the Arabs blames the west for influencing us. So many times I've heard:
التأثير الغربي التأثير الغربي
but I believe in the near future the people in the west will say
التأثير الشرقي التأثير الشرقي
Because we are becoming more indecent than they are.

Am I rambling on here?

what I mean to say is, I agree with you. It's disgusting. It's better not to watch it anyway.

What seriously *gets to me* is that there is NO TALENT. You want serious Arab talent? Look at Abu Bakr Salim! Asala! Rashid Al Majid! Forget the dumb-black (versus dumb blonde) young Lebanese crap strip-dancers that MBC and Melody are poisoning us with.


Pissed-off Nadia

FAITH said...

I stopped listening to Arabic songs for good. I so rarely do listen to them these days.

I don't blame the west coz that's their culture. But *us* Arabs/Muslims?

Allah yer7ama ayam awal!
And Allah yahdeehum ya rab!

FAITH said...

Dearest Nadia,

The fingers of blame should pointed at those who actually funded these kind of channels. It's getting so pathetic.

I wonder how are the Arabic movies and TV shows like now? I suppose they're at the same level of crap-ness, no offense!

Nadia said...

They are the same level of crapiness. I don't listen to Arabic music or watch Arabic movies or television. AT ALL. Occasinally in Ramadan, I'll check out the OMANI programs on TV just for fun..

الله يخليلنا صالح زعل وسعود الدرمكي وأمينة عبدالرسول

It's better to just avoid the bad stuff. أبعد عن الشر وغنيله

STING said...

Do not want to interrupt you women, but what videos were these? :p

Seriously though, I am shocked that you found out about this now. This has been going on for years now.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't ever into tv. All that changed when I lived in Scotland, you'd flip channels trying to watch two interesting documentries at one go. I thought I was missing on alot so I came back hoping it'll be the same here and bought this huge HD Samsung LCD screen but nah I was shocked!

Our tv sits like any other piece of furniture, rarely enjoyed! I only switch it on to watch those 3 channels: aljazeera, mbc4 and dubai one.

Nadia said...

Sting, we're glad you missed it. Children shouldn't be watching Arab porn ;-P

It's just very disturbing to see where we're heading in the Arab world. Believe me there are innocent people out there (like me!) who NEVER watch TV and then suddnely we're hit with something like the video Faith posted, and it just upsets me very much. Emotional, I know.

FAITH said...


LoL Thanks to God I don't follow any x)


Yah believe it or noe...I'm THAT outdated!
PS: I'm not a woman! Don't call me this again :@

Thought Reservoir,
LoL poor TV!!
I think having no TV at all wouldn't make any difference in my life...and obviously in your life!

Amarant said...

yah i had my shocked-moments as well, and not only with arabs music videos, also movies.

sometimes i wounder if there is a difference AT ALL between us and the west (let's be honest here, they hae bad stuff as well) ...

but as most of you said: with arabs, there is'nt talent at al !