Saturday, June 27, 2009

Voting time!

Dear Me - Dear readers,

Many of my blogs followers suggested that I move all my Arabic blog entries to this blog...!

Are you with or against me having two blogs one in Arabic & Another in English?

Let's the voting round begin :P


Anonymous said...

One for All and All for One!

In one blog please, makes it easier for us readers. I suggest you have a category for Arabic posts, it's for those who want to read your only-Arabic posts.


STING said...

Merge both blogs to one. Since this one looks better, close the other one.

Sam said...

I agree with Shahrazad =)
One is enough =p

FAITH said...

Done importing all blog entries to this blog...
Thanks for your suggestions, and thanks for voting ;)

Nadia said...

One Blog, One Universe. Makes it easier for us, although I prefer reading in English but I faithfully follow both your blogs even though my eyesight isn't PERFECT and the font size in your Arabic blog is too small for my delicate little eyes. Use one blog and make the Arabic font bigger for Nadia's sake :-D Lol... Wasta..

Amarant said...

yup would be easier to follow one blog :P

FAITH said...

Nadia & Amarant

Done ;)

I have one blog now for both my Arabic and English blog entries..

Thanks for voting dears :D