Friday, March 12, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Kitten, so here are 7 things to share about me:

1. I was tagged before and I'm worried I repeat the same facts all over again, so I apologize in advance if it's going to be the case "whoho one is down, 6 more to go!"

2. For some reason, I don't like the word "woman"

3. I memorize almost every single song from Toyor El Jannah, including their new hits:
يسلموا يا دكتور
ليش بتكذب يا وليد
ديمه الأولى
And oh my favorites are the ones by M7amad Bashar & Deema Bashar

4. I mostly eat on the ground/floor using my hand - my right hand that is!

5. I do sing in the shower - I usually recieve destructive feedback from my siblings but oh well, I do really enjoy it

6. I write more that I talk.

7. "only 7? :( I'm starting to enjoy this probably more than I should, given that I was so lazy to do it all in the beginning"...

...So 7. Growing up, I wanted to be a:
a. kindergarten teacher
b. pediatric doctor
c. journalist with thick glasses lol

And my 7 victims are:

3anz MD
Um 3azzan


Amarant said...

awwal shay: thanks for the tag.

thani shay: I read ur post when u were tagged the last time, I don't remember it but I'm sure these facts are new ;)

some are nice, some are weird, bs al7amdulilah non of them are worrying :P

FAITH said...

lol el 7amdulilah!

Yalla waiting for your blog entry :D

Kitten said...

#3: I've never heard those nasheeds.

#6: I'm the exact opposite.

Thanks for replying :)

FAITH said...


Will find you links of the songs soon!

Thaanks :D