Friday, March 26, 2010

Faith has some catching up to do..

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

- Today is the official date of Earth Hour –2010. Amusing is that some local hotel are planning candle-lit dinner for their guests along with some entertainment programs that don’t require electricity. So smart I got to admit. Looking forward to 8:30 PM.

- Fellow Blogger the dragon of Muscat Confidential is now having a fan page on Facebook! Become a fan [here]. PS: Dragon, will invoice the charges of this ad to you very soon

- Major sales in both Muscat City Center and Qurum City Center - up to 80%! Funny thing though is that most employees get their annual bonuses this time of the year. So smart too, ‘eh?

- I’m still laptop-less; looking for a decent laptop with a decent price!

- Migraine attacks are back!

Till next time dear readers & dear me :)


Nadia said...

Faith! you're back! Get an HP

FAITH said...

Nadia, yes I am :)

And HP is one of the options I have :D

Amarant said...

ha kaif no laptop yet ??

FAITH said...

I bought a laptop two weeks ago, two problems so far -.-