Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah 26 Followers!

My blog reached 26 followers!

Thank you all for following & leaving messages, I really appreciate it!

I'm thinking of a way to thank my followers & invisible readers, not sure how yet... but I'll let you know!!

It's always an amusing activity to just go through your bloggies. In the coming post, I'll link up my favorite blogs (you can thank me later - cash/visa cards are accepted) :p J/K.

Now something else...

I received a very surprising message from Dr. Saad. I kept the message as an evident for the future as I already communicated to you. It’s really great to see energetic and full of life young people like you having a big dream in this life and working towards achieving it. People like you GMH little brother~

Finally, and once again, I would like to gift wrap all my thanks into a nice little box for you, thank you dear readers, followers & dear me!


Saad said...

Faith. You inspired me with your faith. Thank you for your kind and lovely words.. I'm speechless.

Squinty said...

I don't mind being thanked by donating to me every "leftover" cash you have! =D

I have a donate button on my blog for some reason, which I didn't explain why I have it, but I don't mind donations!

FAITH said...


Thaanks...keep updating :)


I noticed the Donate button, and was wondering what is it for. Care to explain please :D

Amarant said...

ma3raf am i considered a follower ??

anyway glad you reached 26 !

FAITH said...


What do you think?

I know am a follower of your blog btw. Thaanks =)