Friday, June 25, 2010

It's summer time!!

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

. My first painted mug is ready! For those who haven’t been to Ciramique Café, it’s a must visit café! You can choose any item of pottery, paint it and leave it with them for one week to glaze. It was a cool experience, totally worth every penny!

I was totally out of artistic ideas when I started painting my mug. The only thing I could think about was just to cut the hassle and draw yellow, orange and red strips…and it turned out to look somehow like bathroom tiles :p

. I started a campaign called “Every day’s a holiday” few weeks back, as am apparently not going to have a single day off from work during summer. Loads of fun activities and projects in my list. Nowadays am quite busy preparing and working on a project with my sister Spot anddd of course the world cup!
It sometimes gets really boring while waiting for some action in the matches, specially in the first half of most of the games. Here's what we usually do in such times:

Till next time! :)


Squinty said...

Hope the project goes well!

Hahahaha! xD
Loved the way you play Monopoly waiting for some action to happen in the World Cup matches! =P
Should tell my friends to do something similar! xD

FAITH said...

Thanks, inshaallah ya rab :D

And sure, tell everyone you know b3d :p

Lonely said...

I like your blog :)
Very interesting, and the poem in your profile is one of my absolute favorites.

the mug is cute, been wanting to go to this place for a while but I'm always too busy, but in sha2 Allah in my summer holiday =)

Amarant said...

Tried ceramic cafe and I agree with you: worth every single penny!

FAITH said...


Thanks dear, interesting blog you got too :) much appreciated!
I'm pretty sure you're gonna love the place. And oh Mahmoud Darwish is one of the few poets I like. May he RIP..

You should write a review about it like the one you wrote for Abala :). It was cool

Anonymous said...

Wow cafe ciramique sounds pretty neat, ive always walked past that place and wondered about it, i think i will have to go now, maybe i will end-up painting kitchen tiles to go with your bathroom tiles cup :P

and when you guys say "its worth every penny" does that mean it was expensive but worth it? or was it a bargain lol

im not too sure about the baiza/penny exchange rate haha