Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learn from Haya

I’ve absolutely got a lot of things to say concerning the freedom flotilla incident and about the blockade of Gaza strip but I think this time, an entire interview of 8 parts would articulate it in a better way….

Haya Al Shatti, a 26 years old humanitarian activist, talks about her experience in the freedom fleet to break the blockade of Gaza…

It replies the entire questions one might have in mind in regards to the aim of this fleet and what where they doing exactly and most; how did it happen… The truth was uncovered to millions of people from the west and the reality of those Zionists became even clearer to the world and yet, I have heard and read about a lot of people condemning the members of the fleet. يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الأمم

To all those, and to the ones who claimed that they were warned and that they deserved what they faced I say: Learn from Haya..


Arabian Princess said...

It makes me want to be part of something big as this!!

Allah yiwafqiha.

Aqool, check my blog I asked for a favor :)

FAITH said...

Halaa Princess,

Me too!! I was watching the interview yesterday with mom & Spot. It was so emotional :(

Checked your blog. Gonna design a small banner for bloggers to use to support this cause & blog about it inshallah

Thanks for passing by :*