Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Readers – Dear Me,

A lot of things are going on recently, it's almost impossible to catch up with everything but here's some of the so many swalif* I feel like sharing with you all... :D


. I came across the Online Donations portal today morning. This portal allows you to make Online donations to Oman’s biggest charities like The Association of the welfare of the Handicapped, Oman Hereditary Disorder Association & Oman Charitable Organization.
It's a simple idea yet so practical and useful. You can just click on donate now and do it in a matter of seconds! Worthy to mention that it's the idea of young ladies working for ministry of social development. Great job :)


. World Cup mania rages across my company. This is an email I got from my big boss today:

-----Original Message-----

From: Mr. Big Boss
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:19 AM
To: All department staff

Dear all,

The company has provided some tickets for the semi finals (Jul6th, Jul7th), match for thrid place (Jul10th) and final match (Jul 11th), and RO2 coupons. They are limited so if anyone of you is interested please come over.

Best regards,

Can it get any cooler? :p


. A couple of years ago I had a falling out with a person who used to be really close to me. I cant tell you what the falling out was about, and the reason I cant tell you is because I dont remember, or actually, there was no reason at all [from my side at least]!!

Anyhow, what made me mention this now is that I'm supposed to meet up with her and other old school mates tomorrow - although am quite sure I'll come up with a good excuse not to go to the gathering for some personal reasons...But it really hurts whenever I think about it. She missed my graduation, she missed my first job, my first ride in my a lot of things!

I missed her engagment, her wedding, her graduation...and seems that am going to miss her first baby.

Was it worth it?
Does she think about it the same way I do?
Should I go? What would she do when she sees me? Or it's been too long? ...and maybe too late?


Till next time folks

* Swalif: Gossip or pretty much telling people what you heard and what you're up to!




Nabsj said...

You should go. I had a fight with my cousin a couple of months I go, I got over it, but she couldn't. So I acted as if nothing happened and went to her place. The first time she ignored me, the second time (which was today) she talked to me 3adi as if nothing happened.
Forgive and forget :) Maybe she finds it hard to apologize and this will be a chance! Goodluck hun :)

Amarant said...

Be the better person and go ;)

oh nd about the WC tickets: ma fahamt. your company will give away tickets to the final match?!!! and what's the RO2 coupon ??

FAITH said...


My friend "the gathering's organizer's" told me that she wasn't going to come 1 hour before the gathering time. I couldn't make it anyways - thanks to my migraine :)


They gave us with WC village tickets + 2 rials coupons for beverages and stuff in there

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