Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Agdar Atkalam!

The other day, my sister Spot was chatting with my other sisters...And she jokingly went like "Miskeen 7ammani, he can't speak properly" talking about my little nephew.

He was few meters away playing with the rest of the kids...so he paused, then walked straighet to where she was sitting...his face was few inches away from her face when he said:

"Agdar atkalam....WAYED :@" [I can speak, a lot!]

Never underestimate any kid's abilities.... ;)


H. said...

a cousin of mine mashaAllah began speaking fluently at a very very young age. So once a women asked his mother about his age and so on, then she asked her; does he speak? so the mum replied "embala/ امبلى--> بلى ". he, the tiny baby, was sitting next to his mother, he looked at the women and said loudly "EMBALA!"

Giselle said...


That's just cute ^-^

Joorz said...

Hehe, that's just so cute <3

FAITH said...


Lol ya allah that's so cute :D
Allah ye7fe'9ah <3. Thanks dear :)

Thanks hon <3

Thaaanks dear (f). Btw, are you Joori from ES?

Joorz said...

Hehe, yes! That's me :)

Love reading your blog.. Amazing posts & interesting thoughts mashaAllah. Keep it up, sweetie!

FAITH said...


Ya 7abeebti inti walla! :D

I'm so happy you find my blog interesting.

I've been away from ES lately. Hope I can post as much as before. I miss the old days :)

Musab said...

haha these situations are the funniest! when kids surprise you with how smart they are ;)

mashallah 3alaih 7amani.

FAITH said...

Thanks Musab...I can't help but laughing whenever I remember the expressions on his face and the way he said it, priceless :D!