Thursday, October 14, 2010

The busiest....The Craziest

...days in my life. Many many things to be done in a very short time. October yaa October!

I've been spending pretty much LONG hours at work lately [no weekends too], I feel penalized for thinking to go on local leave next week :S. Not sure if I want to coninue doing this. I know, no body pushed me into my current career, but I just can't see myself doing this anymore. I rather pay as much effort on more useful stuff...or at least on the things I always wanted to do. I would like to make a career change and I have an idea in mind. Id3ooli!

It's alomst 12 AM, and I just stopped working..So, good night world!
يا ليل يا مستودع الأسرار يا موج الظنون~

Till next time <3


Victoria said...

Hi Faith! Thanks for the sweet comment : ) It feels good to be back! Hope everything is fine with you. I know you're busy but I think its far nicer to be busy than bored : )

Joorz said...

Wow, that must be exhausting.. Allah ykoon fi 3oonich!

All the best! I hope you manage to rest as much as you need.

Love the picture, btw!

FAITH said...


I'm doing good thanks dear. And you're totally right, being busy is actually a gift! :)


Thanks 7abeebti da3watich :)
And glad you loved the pic, I loved it speaks for itself :)