Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear Reader – Dear Me,

First off, I want to apologize for not updating my blog for quite a long time now, and when I do, it’s mostly in Arabic. I've been so busy and couldn't write, but I hope I’ll have some spare time in the coming days, now that I’m done with the the stuff that kept me busy "deadlines, exam..etc" because I honestly miss writing a LOT...beside I have a lot to talk about!

Part of my absence was ‘cause of the tight schedule I had in Ramadan, and when I thought I might be free to update and share some goodies, I got sick “when wasn’t I sick anyways lol”...I couldn’t even do my exam in Ramadan “In fact I managed to do two questions and then had to leave the exam center all dizzy and tired”....Fortunately, I was given a chance to re-take the exam so I did it two days back. It all went well, and it’s now officially out of my way!

Eid was pretty much good; I spent it in my hometown along with my family. But then had to come back to Muscat to work, but guess what? I returned right after work ‘cause I just can’t stay alone in here. I don’t want to remember how sad I felt when I left my family. I never thought it could be that hard, although it was only for couple of days! Was it because it was still Eid time, and I somehow didn’t get to enjoy it much as I was still recovering and all? Anyways, that made me wonder how it’s going to be like when I’m going to travel abroad for post grad. I hope it’s just a matter of time. I seriously need to toughen up a little bit :D

Yay! I feel so glad to post again! :) Will update more the coming days, Insha'Allah :D

P.S I miss the rain, it feels like we are in one of the most rain-starved parts of the middle east x)

Till Next Time


Rummy said...

Welcome back Faith..!! For a moment I was wondering where you disappeared. Glad to read something from you (Y)

Amarant said...

Glad to know you're done with your exam. What exam was it anyway?

May Allah grant you constant health.

FAITH said...


Thanks dear, means a lot :D


It a graduate admission test.

Ameen, wyak o leljamee3 inshallah :)