Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sharjah Memories – Part III (wrap-up)

Following the previous two parts [Part 1 & Part II] I thought it'd be a good idea to wrap up my journals on Sharjah trip with some snaps and a brief description beneath each, as I believe pictures speak louder. I hope you like this post :)

A talk followed by an open discussion with Christina Backer the former MTV hostess and authort of a book called “The way from M TV to Mecca”. I can't express how glad we felt to have had got the opportunity to meet and talk with her. She made such an impact on all the participants. Hugely hugely inspirational!

A visit to Sharjah City of Humanitarian Services <3

A key chain made by the kids of Sharjah City of Humanitarian Services. :)

Those two pictures were taken in one of the hotel halls close to midnight. We spent that night together helping out a fellow participant in preparing for her workshop. It was crazy fun seeing the empty boxes being filled and putting the papers inside the folders in a certain order [..well, supposedly! :p We *totally* messed things up given it was really late, and after a pretty long-exhausting way] xD

On the day of the workshop! :D

Till next time <3

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