Thursday, August 15, 2013

Experience the joy of online donation

.. is a new campaign  initiated by ITA to promote the new interface and well-enhanced donations portal for charitable organizations in Oman.
The new interface is WAY more user-friendly and the URL address is short and very easy to remember (a super plus to me, at least!)

The sole purpose of the Donations Portal is to provide an opportunity for Omani citizens and residents (basically whoever has a bank account in Oman) to make online donations to a charity of their choice. In the old interface, donors were given a list of 9 different charitable organizations in Oman to choose to donate for. On the other hand, the new website gives the visitor more choices (donate by cause, donate by charity and donate physical items).

You got also to see live statistics of donations raised with the option to filter by cause of charity organization to make your donation smarter (or whatever reason you think makes more sense!)

Check it out if you feel charitable enough today:

The TV promo:

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