Monday, August 5, 2013

Stand up for yourself

Times I did not stand for myself – 1
I pretended that I was working on my laptop, my tears dropping on my keyboard. “What’s wrong honey?” she ran her right hand through my hair. I smiled at her and shook my heavy head, “Nothing is, mom”. It felt less like typing a poem. And more like typing a will. There was less to life than I ever experienced. My rebellious brain was working solo right at that moment. I scored a miserable 0 in the “now and here” scale (aka living the moment scale).

Times I did not stand for myself – 2
She slipped herself silently into my room, looked back just to make sure nobody was watching. She approached quietly before my sight and whispered “I know how it feels to be incomplete”. In a blink of an eye, she placed a pink post-it on my night table saying “There, repeating this would help you find your prince charming. You will be soon complete. I promise”. I smiled not wanting to hurt her feelings. I didn’t bother proving wrong the whole idea of being “incomplete”. I chose not to defend my “complete” self. Just because.

Dear self,

One of the dumbest mistakes committed by female human beings is depending on an occupier to stand strong against an oppressor. Stand up for yourself. 

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