Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's Story

After few quiet days at work, where I was just trying to close some old pending tasks here and there, getting myself busy with organizing the tens of files in my desktop, socializing, engaging in work related discussions, offering my help to some new staff and so on…

but now!!

...things are back to their nature in terms of work, and again, I'd like to highlight that am SO thankful I have something to keep me busy and that I actually like, الحمدلله


Today's story:

One of my old friends - rather colleague actually- in high school grew up with a golden spoon in her mouth. She comes from a family of privilege and wealth - mashallah. A new girl has recently joined my company who was in the same class as her. I asked her how she was doing and she told me that the girl has been sitting at home for the past 5 years. She's not even enrolled in university/college whatsoever. She became hideously obese; almost four times the size she used to be in high school [as per her description], given that she was a pretty big girl back in high school days. All she does is sit on her lazy couch watching TV or gossiping on phone with her few friends who share the same interests in life with her.

It’s sad. I felt really awful for her.

The new girl told me that she tried to talk to her a few times and she didn't pick up. And btw, her family thinks she goes to college. Although I don't know what major doesn’t require the person to attend lectures/classes!

I hope she gets out of the rut she’s in [and I truly hate that there’s nothing I can do for her].


حكمة اليوم:

الطيور على أشكالها تقع



Till next time dear me & dear readers!


Kitten said...

Maybe she's suffering from social problems or something of that sort? I don't know, but her family should talk her into getting a life.

FAITH said...

Hmm I extremely doubt it, but who knows :)