Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Years Already?

. August 2008 - Auguat 2010
In August 2008, I came up with the idea of creating this blog. I was unknown, I completed 2 months, if not more, with zero readers (apart from myself, my best friend and my younger sister). It was during a critical time of my life where I was done with my studies and in job-hunting phase. I talked about many stuff, poured out all my thoughts, my sad moments and the happy ones in this place. I got so attached to the place, god knows why, although nobody else was reading me. But it was just too special and precious to me that I would keep on checking it all day long. In a later stage, some people started reading and following this spot, it’s been very fun to write and inter­act with every­one who reads my stuff (thanks, by the way).

Then I decided to create a new blog using the same profile to pull together all the Arabic stuff I used to share on my MSN Space and that was Faith’s World beginning. However, some members suggested that I combine the two blogs, and I started tagging all my Arabic posts under بالعربي label.

Am I happy? Not totally. I think I need to get some serious job done down here.

. The Art Of Doing Nothing At All
I’m out of ideas, out of stuff to share. I’m just trying to have a pace of mind, and do nothing at all. Doing some self-analysis wouldn’t harm though. I want to really dig deep into my head and see where I really am with life, just think­ing about every­thing that I have done or haven’t done for the goals and plans I've set for myself.

Would I sur­prise you in telling you that you should be tak­ing time to sit around and do absolutely noth­ing? It may sound crazy, believe me. I have been always motivating myself to work hard in life and to never rely on anyone else, and a lot of what I talk about in my daily life and with my friends may just go against a lot I talked about here today. It just proves two things: 1) I can’t get my ideas straight and 2) I can be full of contradictions. :)

. Studying?!
I’ve spent almost two years away from the studying atmosphere, and I now am back & have slightly started preparing for an upcoming exam. (I have been doing lots of reading the past two years though, does that count as studying?)

. Frustrated?
Well, let off some steam ;)

Till Next Time ~


Squinty said...

You may write something now that will be read after 3 years.

I have one topic which gets replies till this day! For some reason, it attracts lots of people and I have no idea why... Actually, I do! xD

I think having an Arabic blog and an English one is good. To make it better, you could create pages in the same blog to have English in a separate page and the Arabic in another.

Rummy said...

I'd have to agree with Squinty seperate pages for the English and Arabic in the same blog sounds like an idea and very appealing I must say.

Congrats on nearing the two years Faitho ;)

And we all started blogging with zero readers, so I so know the feeling =D

FAITH said...


That's quite a good suggestion, I'll try to play around with my current template and figure out something to sepearte the Arabic posts from the English ones.

Thankoo =D


Shukran o allah yebarek fe denyach =D
Thanks a lot for dropping by <3

Rummy said...

Afa 3aleech Faith. It's a bolg worth reading ;)

FAITH said...

Thanks Rummy.

I think I need some technicl help, or maybe just change the current theme