Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 years passed since you left us; Buthaina..

She was on my mind all day, so thought to write this blog and dedicate it to her...

To you Buthaina, the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life...

The last conversation we had before Eid was:

Me: Hala Butahaina, how are you? Ready for Eid?
Buthaina: Yah, kind of, am going to Ras Al Had with my sister and her husband during Eid
Me: Oh cool, hope you enjoy it! How's studying?
Buthaina: El 7amdellah, a7is inni bamoot mn kthr el muthakarah "Thanks god. I'm about to die 'cause of studying stress"
Me: Good luck, o 3eedkum imarak inshallah :)
Buthaina: Same to you...Bye!

They were on their way back home when that horrible car accident happened - in Wadi El 3ag to be specific. She lost her life when she fell from the car right at the moment the accident happened. He sister was wounded and admitted in the hospital for few days.

I knew about her the first day of school right after Eid. I don't want to remember the details of that day, and the deatils of her everyone cries at school, her chair and desk in class were empty but from the sweet memories of her being on that lonely chair one day.

I still remember her smile every morning, specially during Ramadhan, holing her "ma97af" close to her chest. I still remember the 7enna that decorated her tiny hands everyday, as she was the kind of girl that 7enna never left their hands...

I remember how lovable she was, how cherishing and supporting she was always to us.

I do believe that everything in this life happens for a reason, and the reason why god chose to take her early is simply cause she doesn't belong to this world, and that she's now "in sha'a Allah" in a better place where she belongs to....Heaven..

May your pure soul rest in peace. I'll never forget you...with your laughter and during our chats....

I'm sure many of the readers know her or have heard of her...If you do or you don't...Please remember her in your prayers..

غاب الحبيب عن الشروق بداري
فـي ظلــمة الأحــزان والاكــداري
هجروا ضريح الطهر روح عندما
شــــاء الإلــــه مــــقــدر الأقــدار
ومضت برحلتها لخاتــمة الزمــان
وروحــها أمــضــت مــع الأبــرار
وكـــــذا لنـــحسبها بــإذن الله لــم
نــكشف علــوم الغيــب والأسرار
إن كنــتٍ يــا بثينة قـد فــارقتـــنا
وهجرتِ فلك الشعر في الإبـحار
فأنا مـددت إليك جســري عابراً
فوق القوافــي فانــتشت أفكاري
فلـــعلني يـــوما ســـأرسو فــــي
مــوانيكِ التي قد زينت اشـعاري
يا حــي فارحم من ببــابك مــقبل
واغــفر لــها يا غــافر الأوزاري
واحشــرها يــا ربــي معيه أحـمد
والصالحيــن معــا ً بــدار قــرار
ومع اللذين جنوا بفضلك نــعمة
يا سعد من يحظى رضــى الغفار


Kitten said...

Mashallah. There are people whose memory never fades. الله يرحمها ويدخلها في فسيح جناته ان شاءالله.

اللهم ارحم جميع المسلمين والمسلمات

FAITH said...

Ameen. Thanks dear :)

Rummy said...

So you were a Shatti baby as well?
I still remember when the news got broken to me at school. I never felt my heart so heavy.

Allah yer7mek Buthainah w ye'3ammed roo7ek el jannah..!!

FAITH said...

Yes Rummy I was at Shatti

Ameen ya rab..Thanks dear :)