Monday, January 11, 2010

Stressful Days

My current nightmares:

1. My HD crashes, I don't have back-ups of work related files.
2. I forget a deadline of an important report submission.
3. I falll asleep in office while working and wake up at night, no body around and am SO behind the schedule.
4. SAP system goes down for a week and IT specialists around the world fail to figure out the problem and therefore the problem stays unsolved for a long while...and again am behind the schedule!

Happy End of Year Closing. I haven't celebrated the new year, but I'll celebrate this very special occasion "yah right" hehe well I do actually like it.

Till next time Dear Me! :)


Amarant said...

lol @ nightmare #3 ! xD

G-chan said...

Get some sleep will you -.- you might be able to focus better and get work done.

That's just rough!

Squinty said...

It seems you are out of power...
*takes M&M out *
There, those pills will give you the energy to work till you are done!

Rummy said...

All work related nightmares =p

Get lots of rest and I'm sure you'll be ahead of schedule ;)

FAITH said...

Thanks Amarant :p

Will do's rather kinda fun :p

LoL...I'll try it out :p
Thanks for the advice :D

Thaaanks dear...Inshallah I will :D