Friday, January 29, 2010

The Grand Mosque

I paid a visit to the Grand Mosque in Al Ghubra on Monday 25th of January 2010 during Maghrib time. It was quite an amusing experience to just wander around the place looking for the best spots and the perfect angle to take photos from.

By the time I started doing shoots, it was really dark...So I apologize in advance for the expected *darkness* and *low quality* of the pictures...Enjoy! :)

The Grand Mosque's Set - My flickr


Spot said...

That was a great set of pix, Faith =)!
I loved 7amood's pic =D!
Keep it up =D!

FAITH said...

I love 7amodi's pic - and more I love 7amodi =)

Thanks Spot ;)

Miss P said...

I love that mosque

FAITH said...

I love it too, Miss P :)
Thanks for passing by :D